Manoj Kaimal

When most eight-year-olds were busily pursuing diverse hobbies, Manoj was introduced to the discipline of yoga by his grandparents. Besides the practice of Asanas, Manoj was acquainted with all aspects of Yoga philosophy, including the Yoga Sutras and Upanishads, through his grandfather, Sridhara Kaimal, who remained a source of inspiration throughout Manoj’s life. From this solid grounding, Manoj refined his knowledge by spending time with various leading teachers in the Yogic tradition (including BKS Iyengar and Shri Pattabhi Jois).

Since 2002, Manoj has been fully committed to teaching ‘Manasa Yoga’ in Malaysia. ‘Manasa Yoga’ enables students to move from the concept of merely stretching the body to stretching the mind towards the infinite spirit and realign with the true self. Manoj conducts a a Yoga Teacher Training Course for senior students as well as regular workshops on Asanas and Yogic philosophy.

To date, Manoj has authored two books: Celebration of Asanas (2007) and Making Patanjali Palatable (2008) and he has been invited to be a presenter at key international yoga and health meets such as “The 2011 International Ayurveda and Yoga Conference” in Rishikesh, the “1st World Congress on Healthy Aging” in Kuala Lumpur in March 2012 and most recently at the at the “2013 Exxon Health Fair” where he spoke on yoga and aging.

Sandhya Manoj

Sandhya has been yoga with Manoj since 2000. She supported and helped Manoj in the conceptualising Manasa Yoga at their studios in SS2. Sandhya is an accomplished dancer in the classic Indian tradition and along with teaching yoga, has lent her skills and talent in many yoga presentations staged by the school over the years.


We have Manasa Yoga certified teachers conducting classes throughout the week in English and Mandarin. Two of our teachers are also running and teaching at their own studios while others are itinerant teachers at schools in the Klang Valley.






Say Guan


Teachers Abroad

Manasa Yoga is also been taught by teachers abroad.

Kasia Gendis
+234 706 624 5807
Konstancin (Warsaw), Poland

Tanja Cubrilo
+381 65 337 3333
Belgrade, Serbia