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Next start date of Manasa 300 Hour Advanced Teacher Training – MODULE 4: November 2015

The Manasa Yoga 300-Hour Teacher Training is an advanced programme designed to deeply enhance your knowledge of anatomy, adjustment techniques and philosophical applications through well-planned sequencing. You will also refine your skills as a yoga teacher as we demonstrate how you can utilize and incorporate Manasa methodology and principles. The goal of this programme is to empower you with sound teachings and authenticity so that you can sincerely teach from a place of understanding, leading to greater abundance and joy being shared through yoga.

The focus on anatomy in the Advanced Teacher Training will be from the teaching perspective and you will learn to understand the inner anatomy (chakras) in a detailed way. Basics of ayurveda, fundamentals of Sanskrit, as well as pre-natal yoga will be expounded in this course. You will also learn how to deal with specific complications such as sciatia, scoliosis, knee and back problems, just to name a few. You will be taught the 5 Manasa Yoga vinyasa sequences along with detailed teaching techniques. The pre-requisite for Manasa Yoga 300-Hour Advanced Teacher Training is the Manasa Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training.

The Structure of 300-Hour Advanced Teacher Training

The Manasa Yoga 300-Hour Advanced Teacher Training comprises 4 modules. Each module will be covered in 4 Sundays (6-hour sessions each Sunday). With each module you complete, you will accrue 75 advanced teacher training hours at Manasa Yoga. To complete and graduate from the Manasa Yoga 300-Hour Advanced Teacher Training, you will need to complete all four modules. With each module spanning two months, a minimum of 8 months will be required to complete the Manasa Yoga 300-Hour Advanced Teacher Training programme.

The Modules of the 300-Hour Advanced Teacher Training


  • Manasa Themes & Theming
  • Four-fold model of Patanjali’s Yoga Sadhana, and how to live and teach from this model
  • Practicing and Attaining Samadhi
  • Why stretch your body to stretch your mind? A look into the fascinating field of neuropeptides and their receptors
  • Common misalignments at neck and shoulders, lower back and sacroiliac joint, and how to spot and adjust students.



  • Manasa Yoga Therapy: what is therapy?
  • Common knee and back problems, including sciatica issues, disk prolapse, back spasms,
  • The Yogic management of common knee and back problems
  • Manasa Principles for Sequencing
  • Ayurveda, Gunas and Doshas
  • Ayurvedic principles, philosophy, and integration as healing possibilities



  • Principles behind sequencing. We will unravel  Manoj’s thinking process behind many of Manasa’s favorite sequences
  • Teaching through mythology. We will look into some of the main mythic characters which are referred to regularly in Manasa classes, such as Hanuman, Nataraja, the Dasha Maha Vidya etc, and see how we can bring these powerful myths as insightful teachings into the mat
  • Principles behind Twists and Forward Bends
  • Looking into Fascia
  • Pre-Natal Yoga: the Manasa approach 


  • Neurology of Breathing, Pranayama as Practice
  • Manasa approach to Shavasana
  • Manasa teaching techniques of Ashtanga Vinyasa, second series
  • Teaching through stories, theming and sequencing
  • Essentials from the 2nd chapter of the Yoga Sutras


Classes are on Sundays 11.00AM -5.00PM:

Module 1: Please inquire for dates

Module 2: TBA

Module 3: TBA

Module 4: TBA

*tentative start dates


300-Hour Advanced Teacher Training Tuition


  • RM 9,600 non-refundable one-time payment due TWO WEEKS before the start date of the first module you will be attending




  • RM 2,700 non-refundable tuition due TWO WEEKS BEFORE scheduled start date of Module 1, 2, 3 or 4

PAYMENT PLAN Available Upon Request

Fees for the 300 Hour Advanced Teacher Training will entitle teacher trainees to 16 complimentary classes per module.

“Manasa 300-Hour Advance TTC Refresher Fee*: RM 600 per module”
*Manasa TTC Refresher Fee is only applicable to former teacher trainees who have completed the respective  Manasa teacher training.



If you are interested in subscribing to any of our payment plans for teacher training , please contact our Administrator Nigel via email at info@manasa-yoga.com or you could leave a voicemail with your number at 03-7875 9544, and he will call you back.

Payment by cash or cheque for teacher training is accepted at Manasa Yoga. Please make cheques out to White Lotus Sdn. Bhd. For bank transfer, make payment to Ramachandra Kaimal Manoj via Maybank Acct#5122-3132-2694 and email bank-in slip to info@manasa-yoga.com.

For more information about our teacher training, do email us at info@manasa-yoga.com or call 03-7875 9544.