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Next start date of Manasa 200 hour 16-week Teacher Training: SEPTEMBER 7, 2019

If your aim is to be a teacher of yoga who can teach from a place of true understanding and awareness, the Manasa 200-Hour Teacher Training is the course you should seriously consider.

The Manasa 200-Hour Teacher Training is conceptualised to guide you in unravelling the latent wisdom in you through the contemplative and practical application of core yoga philosophies. It will also help lift your asana practice to a higher level through detailed teachings of functional anatomy, and empower you with the skills and confidence to teach yoga safely, profoundly and transformatively. Dive into our 16-week Teacher Training Course with Manoj and Sandhya and you will find yourself breaking through existing limiting patterns and releasing the joy within.

Each week, Manoj will devise a special asana and pranayama home practice sequence which will reflect the subject of study (anatomical or philosophical) of that week. Regular audio and video support, as well as instructional emails will be provided to reinforce Manasa teachings. Attendance at Manasa Yoga workshops conducted during the duration of the TTC is compulsory. Teacher trainees are expected to observe a strict yogic lifestyle (including a vegetarian diet) designed to improve their will power, self-understanding, and inner purity throughout the duration of the course. Graduates of our 200-HOUR Teacher Training will be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance individually as a 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher.

The Structure of 200-Hour Teacher Training

Our 200-Hour Teacher Training is a 16-week programme divided into four modules. Each module will consist of 4 weeks. With each module you complete, you will accrue 50 teacher training hours at Manasa Yoga. To complete and graduate from the Manasa Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training, you will need to complete all four modules. By the end of the teacher training programme, you will feel confident to take the seat of an authentic yoga teacher. Besides equipping you with the skills and tools to teach from a true place of understanding, the Manasa Teacher Training will also provide you with all the materials and guidance for you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, to vastly improve your asana and pranayama/ meditation practice, as well as to live your moments deeply and insightfully, enabling you to recognise yourself as a celebration of the universe.

The Modules of the 200-Hour Teacher Training

First module (week 1-4)

Philosophy: Structural context of Manasa- Yoga Sutras. Learn, practice and teach Manasa specific opening sitting and breath awareness practices.
Anatomy: Detailed study of feet ,knees and hips in purely anatomical ways as well as in the context of asana applications.
Asanas: Detailed study of sun salutations, standing postures and more.
Practice: Four weeks of daily practices, covering sequences which will enhance your anatomical understanding of feet, knees and hips. Sequences will range from Kalari movements (ancient martial art of Kerala, India), sun salutations, standing postures, arm balances, inversions, hip openers and more.
Teaching practice: Learn how to teach Sun salutations accurately with clear instructions as well as in the vinyasa method, standing poses, opening sitting practices and more.

Second module (week 5-8)

Philosophy: Concentration, meditation and absorption in Patanjali’s yoga. Introduction to Vedanta. Understanding Karma. Types of Karma: The anatomy of the self as in Vedanta philosophy.
Anatomy: Brain, divisions, structures, applications in terms of yoga; abdominal musculature
Asanas: Abdominal sequences; applications of abdominal principles in all categories of postures
Practice: Deep meditation practices and abdomen strengthening asana sequences
Teaching practice: learn to teach Manasa specific abdominal sequences. Learn essentials of skillful teaching. The three components you should stress in each class. Essentials of forward bends.

Third module (weeks 9-12)

Philosophy:Learn about prana, pranas and pranayama. The concept of Self as in Vedanta. Tattvas, malas and more from Shaivism and Shaktism.
Anatomy: Detailed study of spine and shoulders, how to prevent back and shoulder injuries, how to adjust poses from the stand point of spine and shoulders.
Asanas: Deep study of different categories of postures
Practice: Back bends, hip openers and arm balances
Teaching practice: Essentials of teaching back bending postures as well as inversions.

Fourth module (weeks 13-16)

Philosophy: Chakras and Kundalini. Essentials of ashtanga vinyasa
Anatomy: Nervous system, elbows and wrists
Asanas: Asanas to align with different chakras. Ashtanga vinyasa primary series
Practice: Daily practice of different sequences to align you with different chakras. Last two weeks daily practice of Ashtanga vinyasa
Teaching: Essentials of teaching yoga in the context of chakras; how to teach Manasa ropes & chair sequences

1st  2019 Intake for 200 Hour TTC 

Module 1 will be on MARCH 16, 23, 30, APRIL 6
Module 2 will start APRIL 13, 20 & 27, MAY 4
Module 3: MAY 18, 25, JUNE 1, 15
Module 4: JUNE 22, 29, JULY 6, TBA

2nd 2019 Intake for 200 Hour TTC*

Module 1: SEPT 7, 14, 21, 28
Module 2: OCT 5, 12, 19, 26
Module 3: NOV 2, 9, 30, DEC 7
Module 4: DEC 14, JAN 4, 18 & 25

* Attendance of all teacher training lectures is compulsory for certification.

All dates are tentative and may change due to unexpected circumstance.

200-Hour Teacher Training Tuition



  • Full payment due 2 MONTHS before start date of TTC


  • Full payment due 2 weeks before start date of TTC


  • Full payment due on, or just before start date



  • RM 2,500 non-refundable tuition due TWO WEEKS BEFORE scheduled start date of Module 1, 2, 3 or 4.

PAYMENT PLAN available upon request

NOTE: Fees for the 200 Hour Teacher Training will entitle teacher trainees to 12 complimentary classes per module.


“Manasa 200-Hour TTC Refreshers Fee*: RM 425 per module
*Manasa TTC Refresher Fee is only applicable to former teacher trainees who have completed the respective Manasa teacher training.


If you are interested in subscribing to any of our payment plans for teacher training , please contact our Administrator Nigel via email at info@manasa-yoga.com or you could leave a voicemail with your number at 03-7875 9544, and he will call you back.

Payment by cash or cheque for teacher training is accepted at Manasa Yoga. Please make cheques out to White Lotus Sdn. Bhd. For bank transfer, make payment to WHITE LOTUS SDN. BHD. via HONG LEONG BANK Acct#291 000 13008 and email bank-in slip to info@manasa-yoga.com.

For more information about our teacher training, do email us at info@manasa-yoga.com.