Post Yatra Bliss

Namaste all

I am still basking in the good memories of a great yatra.. the resort was really nice, the forest unbelievably good and the lake so tranquil.. for me it resembled our path itself..

The resort structure we stayed in- reminded of the physical body our consciousness is inhabiting.. (it is beautiful but needs little bit of attention, lots of energy and change in attitude of resort staff.. head stand would be what susan would recommend for them)

The forest- the collective vrttis of our consciousness.. (when you look into it with awareness, you see so many things, alive and moving.. owls, diff species of insects.. and like our guide said, tiger pug marks are often found quite near the resort, and it was so alive with various sounds.. truly buzzing.. just like our minds.. ) but of course unlike the vrttis of our minds, the forest lends a quality of stillness.. which can then slowly allow us to settle our awareness to what we are all aiming for, which is,

The lake- it stood as a constant reminder of a resolved, spacious, capacious consciousness ( i know yatriites will be whispering now, ‚Äòsamahita chitta’) that can be cultivated, and which i hope some students felt during the yatra..and then

The sky- that which accommodates all of the above, but still remains untouched and uncorrupted, as a pure witness… standing for purusha or the pure spirit..

Also, thanks to the dynamic duo of susan and Jin for making this all possible..

Now, just have to mention a few things which happened for the first time in a yatra..

Tanja who came from Hong Kong, who got so inspired about breaking the neural circuitries of kleshas and samskaras, that she smacked her head against a rock. On a serious note, that was one of the grimmest hours I or any yatrites might have faced till now.. Though the wisdom of the sutras were supposed to keep us all calm, actually the presence of Lenghee and laypeng is what which did it.. and later, laypeng, who has done many surgeries in her life, for the first time, stitched Tanias forehead assisted by the tiniest torch light possible, kept alight by Lenghee, in a modern hospital

we had a pregnant student attending the yatra for the first time… Wai Kuan went through all the activities of the yatra in total poise and control.. the only thing which perhaps slightly ruffled her peaceful feathers was when i think i gave a speech on naming the various afflictions in the consciousness.. waikuan, sandhya and i really appreciate your calm strength..

by the end of the program, many students were so charged with energy that the building structures could not contain the strenghts of their asanas.. first time i saw solid wooden fencing being broken with a mere push of legs in down dog.. then we were all amazed to see lenghee connecting to some primordial forest strength that he uprooted a lamp post from the floor with his mere hands and held it aloft for five minutes..

It was really a great trip..

And now, back to the Wednesday night program, or for your self -practice at home.. and LimLily, thank you so much for letting me know that you were practicing the june meditation even up to two times a day.. that sure will remind me to send the programs every month..

July meditation
overall body scan- around 3 mts

deep breathing- 10 rounds of 10:10

deep breathing with retention- 10 rounds of 10:10:10

kapalabhathi- 3 rds of 60-100 expulsions, with 40-60 sec retentions

alternate nostril breathing- 2 rds of 4:16:8, 2 rds of 5:20:10, 2 rds of 6:24:12

passive breath observance and counting- 25 breaths

abiding in sensation of touch- few minutes to whatever you can connect clearly.. maybe wind against face.. or sitbone against floor, or hands against thighs etc.. no thinking.. just awareness

passive breath counting- 25 breaths
abiding in sensation of hearing- few minutes.. anything.. steady sound of fan, ac compressor, even if no sounds you can connect to the aspect of hearing.. maybe some birds chirping.. mere awareness..

passive breath observance- no counting.. and slowly connect to the feeling tone of consciousness.. maybe peace, a sense of subtle joy etc may be felt… sink..