Virabhadrasana II (Warrior II)

Entering the pose

  • Step out to the right, hands shoulder height, toes pointing straightforward. Check that the hips are totally square, in one line with the front of the body. (Like the first movement of Trikonasana.)
  • Turn the left foot slightly inwards. Then, with awareness, turn the right foot out parallel to the edge of the mat (ninety degrees), making sure the turning-out action is actually taking place at the acetabulum (where the top of the thigh bone fits into the hip socket). If this is done correctly, the hips will remain square.
  • Check if the hips are still square and the body is still upright. Now, pressing the outer edge of the left foot firmly, direct the energy downwards into the mat. This will result in a rebound energy in the right leg that enables it to bend laterally (as in Parsvakonanasa). Strive to keep the right upper thigh parallel to the mat; maintaining the right knee and heel in one line. At this point, there is a tendency for the body to shift towards the right as well; DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN.
  • Maintaining a straight body on the hips that are still square, turn the head towards the right and gaze softly at your index finger.
  • Feel the front arm pits gently ascending while the back armpits are descending equally.
  • The collar bones are broad, and the lower shoulder blades are drawing towards each other keeping the upper blades broad.
  • Once in the pose, work at the energy lines; the inner thighs of both left and right legs are rotating outwards and upwards, buttocks are firmly drawn in (as opposed to jutting out towards the back).

Repeat the sequences on the left side, applying the same focus on the points discussed above for the right side.

Working on Virabhadrasana II reminds us that even the simplest asana (eg. Child pose) can be enlightening when we apply vitarka and vichara into every movement. Immerse into the spirit of the pose; can you feel just a touch of the warrior’s nobility, uprightness and unwavering stance for justice and fairness? This is the spirit that drives us to care for those who need our support, fellow beings and helpless creatures like turtles who are facing the risk of extinction. Read Rowena’s story to find out how you can play the role of ‚Äòwarrior’ in protecting the turtles in the Pulau Tioman sanctuary.