Update From Our German Yogi Michael

Dear Manoj, Sandhya and everybody else at Manasa,

back again, back from india, Lonavla close to mumbai, where I attended an advanced ttc for 4 intense weeks…2 (!) days off, it was intense indeed…please have a look at www.kdham.com

But let me start right at the beginning:

I was sent to this place by a friend of mine, she is the principle of two primary schools and we want to do a 3 years project starting in august 2010. Me teaching kids yoga age 7 onwards…

Different teachers, same teaching, yoga – but a different interpretation. Kaivalyadham is a very old and well known ashram, ayurvedic clinic and yogic hospital, they emphasize on Yoga as Therapy. Based on and rooted in the traditional texts, PYS, HYP, Gheranda Samhita, Vasistha Samhita and Shiva Samhita.
So my background knowledge is a big more confused again, it still is difficult for me to get all those informations settled in my mind in a way I can talk about it. Sometimes I think I am only interested and drawn to awareness of the present moment, meditation as a 24 hour routine…
Any comments on that? Please help! How do you learn all these informations???

I just give you a little list of headlines to get an idea, what is the syllabus is about:

– Theoretical foundations of yoga
– Anatomy and Physiology of yoga practise
– Yoga and value education
– yoga for health and fitness
– yoga and pysical education
– textual understanding of PYS
– textual understanding of all other yogic streams beside PYS
– Yoga and Ayurveda

Without having had ttc at manasa I would have been lost completely. But with that in mind I felt quite ok and could manage and master the topics somehow…

Old teachers, wise teachers, open and narrow teachers grounded so deeply in the texts, that it felt a bit too dogmatic for freethinking Michael. Not too open to some side branches of yoga, no ashtanga and no breathing, no counting, no alignment, many no’s…

On the other hand many yes’ to slowest movements, energy experiences, natural breathing, fantastic books on therapeutical aspects of yoga practise, chants and kriyas. Ashram life the 1st time for me, I pretty enjoyed it and the food…hmmmm…oh if I had an indian cook at my place here in germany…

The batch again was tiny, 8 students, and all were teaching in their ways already. My knowledge about alignment coming from you Manoj is so secure that it was a big joy teaching them basics and 2 girls could practic e a stable shirshasana afterwards.

Some sessions 1st series ashtanga made them become interested in a method, they never heard about! Unbelievable!

So returning home I start offering workshops, on topics like how to establish yogic aspects in our dayly lives, pranayama and maybe kriyas for the very keen students…

I shifted place to a nearby kindergarden, the evening and weekend classes to be held there and the morning classes as usual at my private rooms. Additional a junior teacher is starting with 2 ashtanga classes a week, she is doing a special ashtanga study for 1 year, I am conducting an open end ashtanga class on saturday, it usually takes 2 and a half hours.

Tell you what, I am dreaming about a place, an ashram, here in germany. Where people can have a break and learn how to relax and live and eat and practise….I have send this wish to universe already…

CK has visited me a few day back, any plans to go to germany? One day we will make a long retreat here all together…

Sending you lots of love and sunshine!