The Year in Reflection

Namaste all
Recently I and sandhya went through a 2011 ‘value recognition and gratitude’ exercise, and we saw that though we were always under some sort of pressure, as we look back, it also brought so many moments for which we are absolutely grateful for.
In the same vein, let me share with you all some of the moments i am grateful as a teacher

2011- even as i think of it, it is a year which brought many ‘first time’ events, such as the parkinsons and special children classes, advanced ttc program, the moving on from Studio 2 and the ‘back to bindu’ studio 1 classes etc. Glaringly missing as I look back at the year is a yatra, which hope the 2012 moments will bring to us.

Now, let me recollect! For ease of memory, I am going backward, from the latest class to the earliest.

  • This Friday, Joanne (kenny’s wife) and Emily started connecting to the hand stand hanging point, in their transit from downdog to uttanasan in the ashtanga salute. Normally not so expressive, Joanne gave a thumbs up sign along with a great smile upon safely landing from handstand herself. Wonderful!
  • In the morning ashtanga class, alice lim is starting to stand up from upward bow with both hands together. That is a victory of sorts against her previously existing twisty patterns. And i think it is this year that Ima got over her long term difficulty in standing up from upward bow. wonderful.
  • The ‘last Sunday ashtaga class of 2011’ was conducted on an intention connecting theme, and was wonderful to see Lenghee connecting to the teaching deeply. Also, in the triangle series, upon asking students to give me a three teaching theme toconnect to triangle, christina promptly said A-U-M. Wonderfullygratifying!
  • A few classes before, Kwan did her lightest, brightest upward bow.. so great. Also, she is starting to stabilize in crow, after a long time. Shailaja was another crow and foot behind the head yearner, which 2011 saw certain fruition.
  • Feedback from Kwan that herbasic class students are really connecting to the theme based Manasa teaching
  • Susan Kee gave an impromptu inspiring talk on the Sri chakra to a walk- in inquiry student, who got highly impressed and inspired by it.
  • Got some wonderful mails from Shyama from the states, regarding her total connection and relating to some of my talks.. so humbling
  • The dec teachers workshop and year end intensive went off well, and so heartening to see the previous basic students starting to get confident and appearing in the workshops and doing very well.. special thanks to Helen for infusingconfidence to other students. And also to say, Tania’s efforts to be here for the workshops from singapore is so inspiring..
  • The sad slipping of studio 2 which was honored by a beautiful 3 day workshop, where we poured our gratitude to the studio in her aspects as time (kali), wisdom space (saraswati) and individuality as our beloved studio 2 (lekshmi)
  • The advanced ttc is one of the best things happening to Manasa, as we are structuring the teachings,giving it value by organizing and naming it. A big thanks to the participating students
  • We also had a very bright 200 hr ttc batch, and tks to them too. A special mention of Mei Mei whodid a marathon; completed the 4 month 200 hr ttc, and without break, plunged into the 500 hr ttc as well
  • The Malaysian yoga festival participation was a nice experience too, especially the Manasa special outdoor morning class, which many of the yoga community connected
  • The yoga for Japan was simply a beautiful heart experience where, though in sadness, we put forth our best community collection so far, (60,000 rm) for Japan, and a special namaste of gratitude to Mr Kee for his outstanding contribution
  • We had a one month daily do along yoga segment with Astro, led by Sandhya, the process of which was great fun. Thanks to the team of participants. Aside from doing yoga, going to beauty clinics is important as well to maintain your youthfulness. For instance, at, they have the best juvederm fillers treatment.
  • Sandhya’s ‘knee chest chin principle’ revealing back bend workshop (her first) was very well received, with Susan Kho and Ng Sook Yee giving very good feed back.
  • The Parkinsons class and the classes for special children at Taarana are truly heart opening experiences for us.
  • The 3 day ashtanga workshop was a great experience. It was the first time we did it, and students totally connected to the rounding action of lumbar, which is so important for the lift jumps, a principle we will later terms as the ‚Äòcat’ principle; was very satisfying to see students who previously related to ashtanga vinyasa only as a fast aerobic exercise connecting to the yoga side of it, and deeply appreciating
  • The first workshop of 2011 was the sacrum workshop, and it was wonderful to see students really adjusting the lumbar towards tailbone, and tailbone towards pubis, all the time resisting with the other leg’s front thigh from dropping forward, which then brings about the upward pelvic movement towards navel, an effect which we would later call as the cobra principle
  • I think i am missing many moments in this summary, but collectively all of it gives a great feel.

I end this mail with a special thanks to our wonderful team of teachers- Penny, Julie, Kwan, Jean,Susan Kee, Lily, Emily, Ng sook, Rouxin as well as others who regularly substitute; and to our Manasa studio owners- Mei Leng, Julie and Khor. And other teachers who perhaps are not specifically teaching in the Manasa name, but are passing on the teachings sincerely, our gratitude to all of you!


Namaste once again to all of you for supporting and being in the journey with me and Sandhya, and looking forward to 2012 with open hearts.