Manoj’s Talks on Karma Yoga (Digital Download)


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Track 1: Karma Yoga

A 32 minute talk on what is Karma Drawing on scriptural wisdom, Manoj explains the meaning of karma from its most fundamental level, and then explains how karma yoga can be practiced, citing the example of how a true yogi practices it in one’s day to day life. (32 mins)

Track 2: Yajna

Here Manoj explains in a 45 minute talk on how action (karma) can be transmuted to dedication (yajna)! He goes on to explain that karma is life itself, and that karma yoga is a practice of living life mindfully. The talk guides us to a possibility of living where we can look at life not just from the perspective of what we can get out of it, but at what we can offer with it, thereby enriching and sanctifying each action of ours with heart-ful intention, mindful attention and skillful action. (45 mins)

Bonus Track: Manoj Talks on Pratyahara

A 20 minute talk on Pratyahara! Is our life a matter of continuous sensory and mental cravings? Are all our mental, physical and financial resources flowing out only to feed these cravings? In this talk, citing the example of a tortoise withdrawing its limbs, we take a look at the practice of power of withdrawal (pratyahara) and gaining control over the senses, which allows us to experience a non-disturbed, pure, lotus like state of consciousness. (20 mins)


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