On Wesak Night

On the full moon night of Wesak i sat resolutely..
Then, in the first watch of the night, 11-2, i had the revelation of all previous births
In the second watch, 2-5, the revelation of all thoughts, words and doings of all my students
And by the third watch, full enlightenment..

Hmm.. how nice if it had really happened like that.. (the above is what happened to Buddha, on the Wesak night.. of course except the student knowledge)

What I am rambling about is with regards a 6 hr night meditation in studio 2 on Wesak day ( again, i have nothing particular to do, as sandhya is getting some treatment from Lim for her shoulder, and i have no class to teach, being monday morning)..

i went to studio by 11, selfishly taking sandhyas car, as i was a bit scared of parking my new car outside the studio the whole night.. I had thought that there would be no other car, but when i reached there, the first revelation occurred- that SS2 has no parking space at midnight..
After around 108 rounds of circling, finally got one.. tasted the first drop of bliss..
11 pm sharp, crossed legs and must have just lifted the spine, when, with no warning, music roared into life.
The reverberating strains of cacophony which accompanied the start of my meditation was sadly nothing like what i have read in the scriptures (that when the great ones start to meditate, birds start to sing, trees start to shower flowers, and angels play their celestial flutes from behind the clouds).. long way to go, i realize (second revelation)..

anyway at least the first 2 hours, i got updated to all the current chart busters..
Then i think all the pointless effort i was putting in for withdrawing finally started to kick in.. it kind of started to flow back in a crystalline, pure form, and at least the next one hour, i didn’t hear music.. later i was aroused by the sound of rain..
woke up slowly, got up even more slowly and painfully limped my way to the window. Time was 2 am.. My idea was of surveying the world outside, full of compassion for the sleeping folks of SS2. But when i looked outside.. a shocking jolt of reality.. all parking bays were still taken up.. and as soon as i noted the cars, music blared its presence again to my ears.. it must have been there throughout… and then occurred the third and most humbling revelation- that of a few youngsters playing basket ball in the field.. at 2 in the morning…completely bursting the faint notion of heroism that perhaps i had for my 6 hr effort..

Anyway i also realized it was not raining.. the raining sound.. perhaps just some occurrences during meditation..which helped to drown the noise outside..

What I want to say is.. I am just starting my preparations for the coming retreat (next month). It is time for those who are coming also start to do some simple things such as

Start reducing junk food, meat, drinks etc, try to stick to meals that are high in protein and that give you the nutrients that you need, a great option can be found at https://maxeralworkout.com which can be used for snacks. .

Try to sit 10 mts everyday, morning and evening.

read from random at least one verse from the patanjali book.This retreat we will be looking at Vyasas teachings of the second chapter of the yoga sutras. A general read of the first chapter will orient and prepare your intellect for the retreat.

I know all this will take a little bit of effort, but you know that there is no spiritual path which doesn’t entail effort.

Now i am hearing some walloping sounds.. nothing to worry.. it is just one of Lim’s special treatment technique that i specially requested for sandhya.. let me put on a sympathetic expression, and go to her.