Hari Raya Closure JUNE 5 & 6, 2019

Dear Manasa Yogis,

Please note that Manasa Yoga will be closed on June 5th & June 6th for Hari Raya Celebrations. Classes will resume as usual on June 7th. Happy festivities, everyone!!!

GET YOUR OWN STICK! Proceeds from sale goes to charity :)

If you have been coming to Intermediate Pulsations classes on Tuesdays, you might have noticed that we have started working on new moves along with a new prop, The Stick! We have been using the stick for everything from alignment directions to twirling. Yes stick twirling, to enhance motor skills, coordination and rhythm- all essentials to enhance one’s awareness.

GOOD NEWS! You can now GET YOUR OWN STICK to practice outside of class time!

Only RM20 per stick, of which every sen from the sale of each stick will go to a home for destitute girls in Kerala India, which Manasa Yoga supports. Get a stick, improve your stick work and help some girls while you are at it. 🙂

Please inquire at our reception to purchase your stick. Limited stock available.


Wesak Day SUNDAY MAY 19- Workshop & 5PM Class only

Dear Manasa yogis

Please note that on WESAK DAY this Sunday MAY 19, there will be an ASHTANGA ESSENTIALS EXPANDED workshop with Manoj happening from 1-4PM, and at 5PM, the Basic class will be on as usual. The 8AM Advanced class on this day will be cancelled.


Happy Wesak Day to all  🙂

Starting MAY 8: New 730AM Wednesday Basic Teacher’s Choice class

Dear Manasa Yogis,

Please note that starting MAY 8th, we will be starting a new Basic level class  at 730-830AM every Wednesday morning with Kim. Come for some early morning practice 🙂

Labor Day WED MAY 1 – Only one 930AM All Levels Class

Dear Manasa Yogis,

Please note that on Labor Day Wednesday May 1, there will only be ONE 930AM – All Levels class is on.

Manasa Yoga School will be closed for the rest of the day  🙂



Chiang Mai Yatra NEW Early Bird deadline: MAY 31, 2019

Dear Manasa yogis,

It’s time to plan your 2019 Re-Charge & Rejuvena-cation! Join us on a yoga retreat to Chiang Mai this November where you will find yourself in a perfect setting to get your batteries recharged. Due to popular requests, the early bird deadline has been extended to 31 MAY 2019!

FYI: This is the first time Manasa Yoga will be having a yoga retreat with Manoj Kaimal in Thailand and we are very excited about it.

A NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is necessary to secure your PLACE at this yatra. Come ready for 5-full days of intense yatra program where you can look forward to deepening your experience of yoga in beautiful green surroundings More details on or email us



Ashtanga Essentials over 3 DAYS @ManasaYoga 1-4PM Sat MAY 11, Sun MAY 12 & Sun MAY 19

Announcing our annual Manasa Ashtanga-Inspired Intensive with Manoj Kaimal. This year, the 3-day workshop will be taking place over two weekends in May, 2019.

The first weekend starts off with a 2-day Ashtanga Essentials workshop from 1-4PM on Saturday MAY 11 & Sunday MAY 12, and on the following weekend, it will be the Ashtanga Expanded Essentials workshop at 1-4PM Sunday May 19. All 3 workshop days are suitable for practitioners of all levels, however if you are super new to ashtanga, you may find the first two days particularly fundamental to your personal practice. Read on for more details on the workshop days:


2-DAY Ashtanga Essentials on 1-4PM MAY 11 & 12

In this two day intensive, Manoj will teach what the Ashtanga practice system is about, and will guide the aspirants through two specific aspects of the practice. The first one is about addressing step by step, the different areas which one needs to be aware of, what is to be lengthened and strengthened so that one can enjoy this practice. And second is, to get an experience of the vinyasa counted methodology of the system, which gives a beautiful meditative feel to the practice. This 2-day workshop will include breathing practice, progressive drills, discussions and assessments by different Manasa teachers who will be mentoring the participants so that everyone gets personal attention and enhancements.


1-DAY Ashtanga Essentials EXPANDED on 1-4PM MAY 19
At this one day intensive, Manoj will focus on skills and strength needed in some selected transitions of poses from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd series. One can expect to be engaging in strength work along 1)serratus anterior, 2)rectus abdominus, transversus and pelvic floor muscles, 3)psoas, 4)straight arm strength and 5) bent arm strength. Also come expecting to engage in some deep hip opening and back-bending movements.



DAY 2: 1-4 PM SUNDAY, MAY 12
DAY 3: 1-4 PM SUNDAY, MAY 19


For Single day*: DAY 1, 2 or DAY 3
REGULAR (by MAY 10) RM 140
SAME DAY (MAY 11, 12 or 19) RM 150
*Single day fees also apply to those signing up for ANY two days

REGULAR (by MAY 10) RM 380
SAME DAY (on MAY 11) RM 420

PAYMENT METHODS: Payment by cash and credit card accepted. For bank transfer, make payment to White Lotus Sdn. Bhd. via Hong Leong Bank Acct#29100013008 and email bank-in slip to

NOTE: 6-Month Unlimited members are entitled to 25% off REGULAR and Annual Unlimited members are entitled to 50% off REGULAR Rates. Please note that THIS DISCOUNT IS ONLY APPLICABLE IF workshop fees are paid before EARLY BIRD DEADLINE of APRIL 28. After Early Bird Deadline, Unlimited Member Discount is NO LONGER applicable and standard workshop rates apply. ONLY CASH PAYMENT or Bank Transfer is Accepted for UNLIMITED DISCOUNT RATE.

Class Cancellations:
MAY 11 Saturday: 5PM class will be cancelled
MAY 12 Sunday: 8AM class will be cancelled
MAY 19 Sunday: 8AM class will be cancelled

(all other classes will be on as usual)

Manasa 2019 Yatra to Chiang Mai: NOV 16-22

Join us on our 2019 Manasa Yatra to Chiang Mai, Thailand this November 16-22 with Manoj Kaimal.

This yatra which includes a 5 full-day yoga retreat program is for anyone who is of the intention of deepening their experience and understanding of yoga.

NOTE: This is the first time Manasa Yoga will be having a yoga retreat with Manoj Kaimal in Chiang Mai, Thailand and we are very excited about it. A NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is necessary to secure your PLACE at this yatra. Due to limited space, yatra participants will be confirmed based on a first-come-first-served basis upon receipt of deposit or full payment.



Dates: NOV 16– 22, 2019

Venue: Kaomai Lanna Resort, Chiang Mai, Thailand


Travel details: Plan to arrive into Chiang Mai on NOV 16th. There will be an orientation briefing on the night of the NOV 16th and the official 5-full days yatra program starts NOV 17th until NOV 21st. You can plan your departure from Chiang Mai any time on NOV 22nd, however you are encouraged to stay back a night or two, to explore the famous sights of Chiang Mai. We are happy to provide any assistance necessary in making travel arrangements, as well as planning your extension and explorations.


Yatra Fees: RM3450
(EARLY BIRD FEES: RM2950 if you sign up with a non-refundable deposit of RM1450 by MAY 31, 2019)

  • Yatra deposit and fees are to be paid by only cash or bank transfer. Bank transfer to SUSAN KEE Maybank #5122 3131 2446 (Email transfer details to
  • Non-residents of Malaysia will need to PAY IN FULL to confirm their participation. Payment details for international bank transfer will be provided upon request.
  • Please note that yatra fees include 6 nights of full board hotel stay with vegetarian meals, and 5 full days of yatra program.
  • Airport transfers* are included for groups of minimum 2 pax and above. If you are traveling alone, you will need to make your own way from the airport to the resort, at your own expense. *If you are extending your stay in Chiang Mai at another resort, the return airport transfer will not be included in the fees paid.
  • Yatra fees are per person, based on a double occupancy stays. The same fee will be applicable for friends who opt towards triple occupancy stays. Single occupancy supplement is an additional RM1200 per person.
  • AIRFARES ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE YATRA FEES. You will need to arrive into Chiang Mai on NOV 16th. We can help you with the booking of post-yatra extensions. Do note that the price of airfare will rise as we draw closer to the yatra dates.


For more information on our 2019 Yatra to Chiang Mai, please email

Class Changes & Cancellations for FEB 22, 23 & 24

Dear Manasa Yogis, please note that during the Mulu Teachers’ Retreat happening FEB 22-26, the following classes will be affected:

FEB 22  FRIDAY – the 645PM & the 7PM Class will be combined to one All Levels Class happening from 7-8PM to be conducted by Penny

FEB 23 SATURDAY – the 5PM Advance Clsss will be cancelled

FEB 24 SUNDAY- the 8AM Advance Class will be cancelled

All other classes are unaffected.  Thank you for your kind understanding


ALSO FYI- Classes at Manasa Yoga during the Mulu retreat dates are as follows:

FEB 21 THURSDAY: 930-1045AM by Penny; 645-8PM by Penny; 815-915PM by Evie

FEB 22 FRIDAY: 730-830AM by Penny; 930-1045AM by Penny; 7-8PM by Penny, 815-915PM by Daniel

FEB 23 SATURDAY: 7-8AM by Penny; 10-11AM by Lily; 4-5PM by Lily

FEB 24 SUNDAY: 5-6PM by Penny

FEB 26 TUESDAY: 930-1045AM by Penny; 6-715PM by Julie; 730-830PM by Julie




Announcing MARCH WORKSHOPS with Manoj: Mastering The Basics on MARCH 2&3; Beyond Basics on MARCH 9&10

To properly kick off the start of the LUNAR NEW YEAR OF THE PIG, Manoj has announced that he will conduct TWO 2-DAY WORKSHOPS this MARCH. The first workshop will be MASTERING THE BASICS happening at 9AM-12PM on MARCH 2 & 3, and the second workshop will be BEYOND BASICS happening at 1-4PM on MARCH 9 & 10. Both workshops are suiltable for practitioners of ALL LEVELS and regular Manasa Yogis are especially recommended to attend these workshops so that we may better comprehend the directions and aspirations Manoj has for us, for 2019!

Please note that EARLY BIRD deadline for MASTERING BASICS WORKSHOP is FEB 17, and for BEYOND BASIC WORKSHOP is FEB 24.


6 MONTH & ANNUAL CARD HOLDER DISCOUNT IS ONLY APPLICABLE IF workshop fees are fully paid before the EARLY BIRD DEADLINE of NOV 23. ONLY CASH PAYMENT or Bank Transfer is accepted for this DISCOUNT.

PAYMENT METHODS: Payment by cash and credit card* accepted. For bank transfer, make payment to White Lotus Sdn. Bhd. via Hong Leong Bank Acct#29100013008 and email bank-in slip to



Please read on to find out more about this workshop. WORDS FROM OUR GURU MANOJ:

At Manasa, what I share is my insights from varied fields of disciplines and philosophical perspectives to which I have been exposed, and in which I have spent a long time on. The focus of teachings at Manasa is not exclusively on the conventional poses of yoga, as for us, it’s the context which makes yoga, and not the contents in itself. But the different drills, skills in themselves is not our exclusive focus, rather they serve as the medium through which deeper possibilities of awareness can be learnt, explored and experienced. To learn, or for that matter, teach all this in the length of a one hour class is difficult. Further, for some students, the excitement of the skills of physicality in the execution of a movement/ position can render them blind/ deaf or both to the invitation to look deeper into the psycho-emo-energy aspects; whereas  for some others, the difficulty of the physicality can dissuade them from looking at it neither physically, nor in its energy levels . And this is where workshops are so important. Here there is an opportunity for the teacher to go more in-depth, and hopefully give a deeper view of both aspects of the practices to the student, which the student can use in the classes post workshop.

And also, we do not discount the sheer physicality of the mat practice at all. There is so much beauty in the learning and teaching of movement and holding practices. Learning the bio-mechanics and the technical skill as well as the fundamental sub-actions of a big action, such as say, a press to handstand etc is extremely critical to confidence in the practitioner’s mind, which helps them to stay in the process of progress.

It’s in the context of all the above mentioned that we announce the first workshop of 2019

For the first time ever, we are dividing the workshop into two. One 2 day workshop exclusively covering the basics, and another 2 day where we go bit beyond the basics. Both workshops are open to all levels.

What you will learn at:


Understanding flexibility training- These are the practices we generally undertake in the classes titled ‘relax’, or ‘restorative’ or ‘flexibility’. We will explain the different ways to work here, as well as an understanding of the bio mechanics involved.

Understanding mobility training- These are the practices which we do under the pulsation classes, as well as vinyasa. In the workshop we will train you in depth the various drills which will help you achieve great functional range of movement in the different joints, especially hips and shoulders. Component work on sun salutations, Manasa’s kalari movements, different core series, drills which will help you to work towards headstand, forearm balance, handstand and much more will be covered here

Understanding stability training- This will involve drills which help you hold positions from a point of view of strength and length, and the training will be different from the other two.

Prop based practice- Props help us in the stability-flexibility training. Its especially helpful in holding backbends for a longer time than otherwise. Its important to understand the usage of the block, chair as well as the ropes.

Breath-work- Fundamentals of techniques of practicing the different breathing techniques we employ at Manasa


First day- New elements in mobility and strength training will be taught.  External object training- Generally in yoga mat practice, we use our body as the tool of movement or holding. In this training, you will be learning some stick movements. This will help you in your coordination skills, concentration, left-right brain synchronicity etc

Second day- Focus will be on alambana, or prop support practices on advanced positions.

Breath-work- We will also analyse the existing breathing practices, and add a few more elements to it.