Manoj & Sandhya on YogaLife Magazine

Manoj Kaimal comes from a family, who has long been entrenched in thevarious traditions of yoga. He had his first exposure and tutelage under his grandfather, Mr. Sridhara Kaimal. Later, he took the teachers trainingcertification from the Sivanada Ashram in Kerala. This was followed by frequent trips to Mysore and Pune, from where he received direct understanding of the great systems of Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Iyengar Yoga.

In the year 2000, Manoj along with his wife Sandhya opened their own yoga studio in SS2, PJ. Along the years the husband and wife team has taught yoga to thousands of students.They describe their practice and teaching as Manasa, meaning, with mindfulness.

In the quest of spreading the message of Yoga, Manoj has been a regularcolumnist, first for ‚Äòthe Edge’, and then for three years for ‚Äòthe Star’. Sandhya has been featured in a 7 part yoga documentary in TV3. Manoj regularly gives workshops on different aspects of Yoga, including anatomy as well as the ancient scriptures, to instill the spirit of self-enquiry in each student.

To promote the value of yoga as a therapeutic science, he regularly gives presentations such as at a recently held Stroke Convention by the MHAS, High Blood Pressure Association of Malaysia, and mostrecently to the elite team of doctors at Monash Medical University. Both Manoj and Sandhya regularly conduct teachers training course, and so far has trained 90 highly trained students to become full fledged yoga teachers.

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Originally published in YogaLife Magazine September 2007 (link)