Manoj Breaks Down Sankhya’s 24 Evolutes with an easy-to-understand Gaming Analogy!!

Namaste all

Imagining and fantasizing is generally considered un-skillful. But when teaching TTC, sometimes I do fantasize on that ideal way by which I can teach, where the students can easily assimilate all the teachings, with a sense of total entertainment. Let me share one such fantasy.

Newsflash! NASA has discovered afantastic new planet. This planet has oceans, hills, beautiful people, fun joints, great food, etc. But there is one problem.This new planet is light-years away and there is no way one can get there in this lifetime.

Newsflash Again! PS 3 and James Cameroon in a joint collaboration with NASA have created an avatar-like virtual reality game. This game lets you almost directly experience this fantastic new world, where once you create an account you can forma game personality (avatar), which can implant itself in that planet as the avatar, know more about virtual games and understand how they work and look the hundred of options of different online virtual games. It is also totally amazing that this game personality has the capacity to absorb your consciousness into itself after a few months of regular playing, after which it gains autonomy. And then what is required is you continue being logged on and watching this game, as it is through your watching that your consciousness gets passed on to this game personality.

Now the cool thing orthe thrilling part is,since your consciousness is not different from the game personality’s consciousness, whatever the game personality directly experiences in this beautiful world, is also experienced by you, as a direct, visceral experience of that world. Isn’t that super amazing?

However, the more you remain logged into this game, the more you are lending your consciousness to the game, and through that, the game personality draws more intelligence, it starts to create a developed nervous system and brain for itself, and slowly starts to think that it is a totally autonomous, self-intelligent being.Through this, sadly, that part of your consciousness which is now with the game personality gets trapped in it. It starts to worryand suffer as the body of the avatar personality after a time starts to wither away. Also, we find that since it is our consciousness which is the seed consciousnessof this game personality,the avatar is not getting that settled, peaceful, at home feeling, assomewhere inside it knows that this is not its real home.

And the thrill is seeing this prototype of us trying to find its peace and happiness byrunning in ignorance to all kinds of places, and ending up suffering. And finally it turns in its quest to find its essence-you. You watch this returning path of your avatar.

This whole game is played at 8 levels.

  1. The basic level iscalled the ‘5elements’ level. The locals of that land calls this level ‘pancha bhutas’
  2. The second level is the levelof sonic codes and photic frequencies, whichis termed the ‘5subtle elements’ level. Locals there call it ‘tanmatras’.
  3. The third levelis’action’ level, where there is 5outer instruments of action (karma indriyas)
  4. the fourth level is the 5 outer instruments of perception (jnana indriyas).
  5. The fifth level is thelevel of likes, dislikes and confusion, termed ‘the level of the mind’. They call it ‘manas’
  6. Sixth level is the levelwhereyou keep getting severely affected by everything,called the ‘the ego level’ (ahamkara)
  7. The seventh level is termed ‘wisdom level’, wherethegame personality’s consciousness clearly understands that its home is not this alien world. Here, the locals bow tothe game personality as the ‘wise one’, the viveki.Thegame personality understands that the root nature of this game world is rajas, tamas and sattva, and that pure consciousness is different from these three.. and…
  8. Theeight level is ‘the freedom portal’ the samadhi, where it gets merged into you, the observer’sconsciousness (the locals call it purusha). The game personality identity drops, and the entrapped consciousness in that identity mergeswith you, the observer.

This is the Manasa game of sankhya. These 8 levels correspond to this philosophy’s 24 evolutes of nature (prakrti), with the pure consciousness as the observer, experiencer (purusha). Hopefully one of future Manasa game whiz programmer can design this and let the students play to learn. Then we have real yoga games for wisdom, and TTC will be such fun.

But, let us not wait for the future. The game is already on, say the teachers. Where are we on the game? The Ashtanga path or the 8 limbed path(Patanjali’s path) is one secret path which will guide you safely through the 8 levels of the game, and put the game personality consciousness back to its true self- you. This path is where I am, and it is here thatI have met all of you too. Let us keep going..

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