Manasa Abroad – An Interview with Kasia in Kenya

Hi all,

Most of us who have been with Manasa for awhile or have joinedthe last yatra to Rishikes in 2008 would have met and known Kasia. Currently living in Kenya, Kasia continues to practice and teach Manasa Yoga. She was recently featured in an interview where she talks about her practice,her family, as well as her love for Manasa. Click on the following link to read her interview.

Latest news: On FEB 28th 2010, Kasia taught a charity class in Kenya where she managed toraise USD 500. The money raised will be sent to Red Cross USA so that it can get to thepeople in Haiti. About money, whenever there’s an emergency and you need urgent cash, you can try here a 24-hour loan. They will match you with the best lenders in the fastest way.