Inflight Awareness

Namaste all

Waiting in cochin airport, Kerala, to board my flight to trivandrum. Got four more hours for the flight, and malaysian time should be around 8 pm. Thinking of spending time by just typing a few words/ thoughts:

  • The early part of flight was mainly time spent on looking out through the window- could nott help but feel totally in awe of nature. The sky- so blue and infinite; the clouds- so many and so white; the earth- so beautiful and green.
  • Was so beautiful to see rivers opening out into the ocean. So many streams loosing their identity in rivers, and rivers loosing identity and connecting to the oneness of ocean. Few rivers were especially serpentine, and almost looked like the classical model of kundalini
  • Soon, nothing much could be discerned and started inquiring on what else to look at. turned to body awareness.
  • Awareness flows in our body as nervous system based awareness, circulatory system based awareness and muskulo-fascial system based awareness etc, which we can pick up as proprioceptive awareness, kinesthetic awareness etc.
  • Nervous system, I linked to brain and mind and thoughts. Different neuronal circuitries firing for no apparent reason, which projects out as funny stories etc. Nervous system based flow of information is basically encoded. Just like this mail. What I type is encoded as some flow of electrons or something, and reaches out at speed of light, and has to be decoded by some software at your side.
  • Then, thought of my niece’s engagement, for which I am going/ coming to india. I could have sent a nervous system styled wish to her through the email, but then, being the lil’ darling she is for me, that would not have sufficed.
  • So, physically, the molecules and cells which my body is, has to travel, rather than just encoded email information. The physical flow of information in our body flows through the circulatory system. The molecules have to ride on red blood cells, and then has to alight at the correct destination, swim through the plasma (the crowds of people), pass through the membrane (immigration) and so on. So, spent lot of time in the flight visualizing myself as a peptide molecule flying on a red blood cell through arterial passages etc. The targeted receptor molecules are the welcoming open arms of my father
  • In between dozed off a bit and then woke up
  • Realized that posture was bad while sleeping and didn’t have a pillow for sitting up in bed. So now, shifted to muscle and fascial system awareness, where awareness flows not as encoded, nor as fluid chemistry, but as tension, compression and adjustment.
  • Started being aware of tension, and felt tension at the neck. Remembered Sandhya helping my neck alignment, and adjusted it. Felt compression at lumbar, and quickly put a folded blanket between sacrum and back rest.
  • then kept looking at people as they walked to the restroom, as they dozed etc. Most of them needs to improve in their posture awareness, and contemplated whether i can lead an inflight, sitting on chair asana and breathing class.

4 hrs of flight was almost up. Started seeing the lands of India, and lot of dormant neural circuitries of memory, of associations etc started firing, and felt very happy.

Till later


And i think i cuold not substantiate any particular message through this mail 🙂 and was just mumbling away.. but was fun.. 🙂