Namaste! This year so far couldn’t share some thoughts on New Year. Today, Sunday morning, with sun blazing, Sandhya dancing, Shivani singing, Sidharth sleeping, let me try.

Among the many fascinating aspects of the concept of New year, one thing which struck me this time is this word ‘ resolution’. It definitely should rank second among the most repeated phrases of the season, after of course ‘Happy New Year’. Being so, the word ‘resolution’ merits a deeper attention. In a simple sense, and by how people are generally using the word, the meaning of resolution seems to be ‘strong intention/ decision’. But then is the word so one-dimensional?

Maybe or maybe not, anyway let us try to stretch it open a bit more. The word resolution, if we change the pronunciation, and spell and tell it as ‘re- solution’, then for me, the yoga of the word starts to open up. So, as we look at re-solution, ‘solution’ is the main word.

Solution means a mixture, where two or more ingredients are dissolved in a solvent. The solvent in yogic sense is our consciousness. So when we say re-solution, what we mean is, we are looking for changes in the ingredients mixed in the solvent. The ingredients are our existing thinking patterns. So when we say ‘Re-solution 2013’, in a sense we are saying we want to change ‘solution 2012’.

This can be done only by changing the ingredients, as the solvent is always the same- our consciousness. If the ingredients are not changed, then as with any solution in a container, we can shake it, stir it, label it differently, perfume it, but the taste is still going to be the same. So once we realize this, we can think of a list of ingredients to be added or deleted.

So if we want our ‘solution 2013’ to have more energy (veerya), more empathy (anubhavita), more calmness (shanthi), more wisdom (prajna) etc, then we can think about what ingredients to be added to the solvent to achieve this. So it can go like, daily breathing exercises for 5 mts, 5 sun salutes, drinking more water, less junk food, 10 minute meditation, 10 mts read a book, playing badminton/ swim with children once a week, visiting grandparents once a month, charity and so on.

Now, once these ingredients are written down in your recipe for ‘solution 2013’, let us stretch open this word ‘solution’. The root of ‘solution’ is the word ‘solve’. And an important word which flowers from solve is ‘dissolve’. And this is what which should happen to our planned ingredients. They should dissolve properly in our solution (awareness), so that each sip of our thought has the taste of our intentions/ ingredients for 2013. Now, these ingredients won’t simply dissolve into our consciousness. Like how coffee or tea powder needs a certain temperature in its solvent (milk or water) for dissolving, we need to have certain conditions for these ingredients/ intentions to dissolve and become part of our awareness fabric.

For ensuring that this happens, we need to be present minded (atha), so that we know when to stir the solution, when to adjust temperature etc so that these intentions have the best chance to dissolve.

Now, once the importance of present mindedness is recognized, the prefix ‘re’ can be added to ‘solution’, through another meaning, which is ‘resolve’. Resolve indicates a firm, adamantine decision, and ‘atha’ (present mindedness) should be our resolve for ‘re-solution’ to happen.

Being continually present minded we will see how the old patterns/ ingredients have such a hold on our solution, and we will see clearly each day, each moment- ‘here comes my 1940, a love story, here comes the 90’s reactivity, here comes my teenage defensiveness, here comes my usual conclusions, and here tastes my usual bitter taste of mind’.

Once the capacity of present mindedness is well risen, we have the choice to filter unwholesome old patterns out and add wholesome ingredients.

Now to another important word which stems from ‘solve’, and that is ‘absolve’. Absolve means to release ourselves and others from guilt, blame etc’. This is the practice of ‘tanukaranam’. And this is important.

And then as we further look at solve, another word rises, and that is ‘insolvency’. This is where we find that we are unable to pay our bills, or to meet our debts, or responsibilities; where we find that despite best of intentions, we keep failing to keep up the practice of our intentions. Not able to spend that quality time with children/ family; not able to maintain the quality of living we want to give our family; not able to watch the sky everyday for 10 seconds and so on. And then, as we take more and more note of our inability, we might start to identify with inability, and then our heart drops. This is where we need to really practice what we call the KCC heart, which means a lifted expanded heart, and a radiant solar plexus.

Nothing keeps us down or closed for long, and we keep lifting and expanding our heart to accommodate whatever comes, ours and other’s shortcomings as well as successes. And then as we align more and more with these capacities of atha (present moment groundedness), tanukaranam (absolving, letting go) and open heartedness (not declaring insolvency), we start to slowly recognize a mature wisdom starting to gently ooze from within the solution. And then as we taste this, we might notice that a serene sweetness is also slowly surfacing from the depths of the solution of our consciousness. And slowly a blending of the two main words of the season occurs, which is ‘Resolution’ and ‘Happiness’.

So, wishing all of you an insightful time in the resolving, absolving and dissolving of ‘resolution’ a Happy New Year to all ! Namaste!