Attention. Due to recent events and extended closure, we are in the midst of refining our class packages. We will announce new packages that are more flexible soon. Thank you

HOW to book a spot?

1. Contact ONLY NIGEL via Whatsapp 012-220 6925 to inquire availability of places in the class you would like to book a spot in.

2. Booking will be on a first-come-first-served basis. Classes will be available for booking one week ahead of scheduled class times. The cut off time for booking a class is 24 hours before the scheduled class time.
You will receive a reply on the status of your booking via Whatsapp.

3. Please inform us as early as possible should you not be able to attend a class you have booked. Cancellations within 24 hours before the scheduled class time will not be entertained. If you are holding an unlimited package, and you fail to show up without cancelling, you will not be allowed to book any Manasa studio classes for 4 weeks.

4. You are welcome to join our studio classes if you are not in the high risk group as determined by Ministry of Health’s guidelines i.e. persons with underlying health issues, aged 60 and above or under the age of 12. Please sign up for our live-streamed classes which we will carry on until further notice if you find yourself in the said category.

HOW to pay?

1. PAY PER CLASS: RM30 for Basic, RM 35 for Intermediate, RM 45 for Advanced (payment details will be given by Nigel)


2. If you have an existing attendance card, you may “Unfreeze” the card and use the balance of your remaining classes which was “frozen” due to MCO/CMCO/RMCO.

Special note for existing Manasa attendance card holders

Due to the limited capacity of each studio class, we are offering everyone with a “frozen” attendance card the option to UNFREEZE their cards and use the balance to our ongoing live-streamed Manasa classes via the ZOOM platform or for the studio classes.

HOW to unfreeze your Manasa Yoga card?

Please contact Nigel via Whatsapp 012-220 6925 for details. Have a picture of your card ready.

Those with Unlimited 6-month or Annual package will also have the option to unfreeze your card and have access to all livestreamed yoga classes via ZOOM with Manoj & Sandhya. Manasa Yoga resident teachers will continue conducting their live-streamed yoga classes on pay-per-class basis until further notice. Please contact them directly to join their classes.