Class Type

All About The Props

It is all about the props on Thursdays at Manasa. Come ready to explore anything with the help of props, particularly but not limited to backbends and handstands. The different use of various kinds of props (bolsters, chairs, ropes, straps, blankets, blocks and sticks) will enable you to enter and stay in advanced postures longer which in turn may be effective in releasing physical tensions and emotional trauma without any strain.

Ashtanga Inspired

Manasa ashtanga inspired classes are challenging breath synchronized movement classes where the asana sequences may or may not follow the traditional sequence. However, you will still be led towards a practice based on the principles of the ashtanga system where you will be flowing with your breath to specific counts, engaging your Banda (internal holds) and holding your Drshti. Be prepared to be led into the first three series of the traditional system, or into a permutated combination of the different series.


Come ready for some lengthening and opening experiences. These classes will focus on deep, timed holds of positions which will lengthen your muscles and calm your nervous system. Inspired by the teachings of Ramayana and Hanuman, the postures will focus particularly on lengthening your hip flexors and hamstrings, and in general will work on the hips and ribs as well. Expect forward bends, backbends, twists with props. Pranayama work will be along single and alternate nostril breathing along with subtle energy channel considerations.


Be prepared to sweat in Manasa Pulsations classes. Inspired by the teachings of Spanda and other Tantric texts, the highly intense vinyasas (special sequences) in these classes will lead you towards calorie burn, stamina improvement, enhanced coordination between body, breath and mind, as well as progress towards advanced yoga asana positions and transitions; all while deeply connecting to the essence of what you are – Movement. Intermediate classes on Tuesdays at Manasa will feature New Pulsations inspired by the mandala context, where circular, continuous curving movements will be explored. There might also be stick movements which will challenge our nervous system in a different way from how we usually move. Pranayama work will be along kapalabhathi (skull illuminating breaths), agnisara (fire essence), kriya etc.

Teacher's Choice

Teacher’s choice classes could be any of the above, or an integrated mix of the above mentioned Manasa specific styles. Come with an open mind and be ready for just about anything. Do note that the 2-hour Advanced Classes on Saturdays will feature an intense blend of Pulses, Flexes, with possibilities of Prop-supported strength & stability building work featuring advanced variations. Corresponding breath-work will also be included.


Basic Level Classes: Recommended for those who are new to Manasa Yoga, or to yoga, or even for those who are returning to yoga after a hiatus

Intermediate Level Classes: Recommended for regular practitioners who are familiar with following instructions and are ready to take their practice to a ‘deeper’ physical as well as psychological level.

Advance Level Classes: Recommended for those whose yoga practice no longer revolves around the ‘doing’ and ‘getting it’ aspect of yoga, but instead, around the receiving of the asanas as states. At Manasa Yoga, our emphasis on asana practice is based on the idea that yoga is not something which can be done, or gotten for yoga is a state we can merely work towards.