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The Year in Reflection

Namaste all
Recently I and sandhya went through a 2011 ‘value recognition and gratitude’ exercise, and we saw that though we were always under some sort of pressure, as we look back, it also brought so many moments for which we are absolutely grateful for.
In the same vein, let me share with you all some of the moments i am grateful as a teacher

2011- even as i think of it, it is a year which brought many ‘first time’ events, such …

Inflight Awareness

Namaste all

Waiting in cochin airport, Kerala, to board my flight to trivandrum. Got four more hours for the flight, and malaysian time should be around 8 pm. Thinking of spending time by just typing a few words/ thoughts:

The early part of flight was mainly time spent on looking out through the window- could nott help but feel totally in awe of nature. The sky- so blue and infinite; the clouds- so many and so white; the earth- so beautiful and …

How do we practice viveka in daily life?

Namaste to all

Last two weeks, for ttc students, the concept of viveka was the main topic of study and practice. Based on some doubts asked by some of them, I am sending this mail.. it is exhaustive as it is meant for ttc students.. but since these are relevant to all yoga students, and also because many of you are thirsty for knowledge, just sending to the group mail..


What is viveka?

Viveka refers to both the practice of distinguishing, as well …

Night of Shiva

In yoga, we see Shiva as the un-manifest, all pervasive intelligence of the universe, by which and in which everything manifest, exist and eventually unmanifest. Serious yogis should try to feel the three fold qualities of universal energy in every yoga posture, and especially in Natarajasana. When getting into the pose, we are expressing, manifesting, creating; when balancing on the other leg, we sustain, maintain; when coming out of it, we dissolve what we created.

What is the Sri Chakra?

Manoj goes into detail on the Sri Chakra and its relevance.