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Manasa teachers, where do you place your mat in class?

When we understand yoga as karmasu kausalam (skillfulness of action), then the position where we take the teachers position in our class is also an important karma. The position we choose should have a skillful (kushala) context. So, if the context of our teaching is to get our students to ‘conform’ their bodies to the ‘form’ we are ‘showing’, then it is important we place our mat in a position where all students can ‘see our body/ pose’, which they …


Namaste! This year so far couldn’t share some thoughts on New Year. Today, Sunday morning, with sun blazing, Sandhya dancing, Shivani singing, Sidharth sleeping, let me try.

Among the many fascinating aspects of the concept of New year, one thing which struck me this time is this word ‘ resolution’. It definitely should rank second among the most repeated phrases of the season, after of course ‘Happy New Year’. Being so, the word ‘resolution’ merits a deeper attention. In a simple …

Manoj on Friends & Friendship

Namaste to You, my Friend!

Manoj gave a talk on ‘Yoga and Friendship’ in Aug, 2010.

Following is the excerpt.
The class started with this question, ‘Who is a friend’? ‘The ones we go out and eat with’. Michelle said. ‘The ones who stand by you when you need them’ somebody else said. Parul then said “they are special instruments who guide us or help us along in our journey”.

All of the above written are answers highlighting different aspects of friendship. Now, in …

Manoj Breaks Down Sankhya’s 24 Evolutes with an easy-to-understand Gaming Analogy!!

Namaste all

Imagining and fantasizing is generally considered un-skillful. But when teaching TTC, sometimes I do fantasize on that ideal way by which I can teach, where the students can easily assimilate all the teachings, with a sense of total entertainment. Let me share one such fantasy.

Newsflash! NASA has discovered afantastic new planet. This planet has oceans, hills, beautiful people, fun joints, great food, etc. But there is one problem.This new planet is light-years away and there is no way one …