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Always wanted to take up yoga but hampered by age, weight or a disability? Then consider chair yoga.

Over the years, the art of yoga, first practised by spiritual gurus, has evolved from its original intention of integrating body, mind and soul into something less profound. Today, yoga has become so trendy that most people only focus on the physical exercises and nothing more.

If you step into any fitness centre or browse online, you’ll see a variety of yoga classes being offered. From chiyoga, yogilates, yoga dance to trance yoga and yogarobics, a new permutation of yoga is …

Yoga master stamps his mark

AFTER carving a name for himself as a tough and dedicated yoga guru, Manoj Kaimal further stamped his mark in the yoga arena by authoring his first book, “Celebration of Asanas” at the Indian High Commission recently.

“Initially, I was going to write a book on Patanjali’s yoga sutras but somehow, along the way, this book materialised instead. I’m still not clear how it happened in a span of two months,” said the founder of Yoga Life Mind & Body Centre …

Yoga Students Raise RM30,000

PETALING JAYA: A yoga charity session has raised funds to help flood victims.

Yoga students put up stalls selling food, pottery, yoga mats and T-shirts and raised RM30,000 forThe Star‘s Help a Family campaign at the Saujana Kuala Lumpur Resort in Subang.

The charity was organised by the resort and Manasa School of Yoga with contributions from Peremba Group and Subang Parade.

Manasa founder Manoj Kaimal said yoga promotes selflessness.

Originally published in The Star …

Yoga in the Himalayas

This is the story of 40 Malaysians, led by their yoga instructors Manoj Kaimal and Sandhya Manoj, who went on a maiden yoga trip to India, the land of mysticism, clashing colours, and that most popular of exports – yoga (or is that curry?).

Ouryatra(Sanskrit for “journey”) took place in December and comprised five days of monastery-style living in anashramin Rishikesh, the gateway to the Himalayas and reputed yoga capital of the world.

To balance this monastic experience, a couple of days …

Yoga Teacher has Own Style of Practice

By the time he was seven years old, Manoj Kaimal was already well grounded in the basic philosophies of yoga and adept with “sun salutations.”

This is not unexpected, considering both his grandfathers did not only practised yoga practitioners but taught it as well.

Thus Manoj, who hails from India’s southern state of Kerala, was exposed to yoga at a very young age and began formal training at the world-renowned Sivananda Ashram when he turned 15.

His interest drove him to learn all …