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Yoga fundraiser for Japan

SHAH ALAM: Yoga students opened their hearts, minds and wallets during a fundraiser for quake-hit Japan at Hotel Saujana Kuala Lumpur on May 2.

Yoga instructor Manoj Kaimal led a class of 70 students in releasing the tensions of their daily lives, and explained how each yoga movement or stretch was aimed at opening their hearts and minds. “We are always so caught up in life, but with yoga I can take away the frustrations and fears of one’s life and …

Always wanted to take up yoga but hampered by age, weight or a disability? Then consider chair yoga.

Over the years, the art of yoga, first practised by spiritual gurus, has evolved from its original intention of integrating body, mind and soul into something less profound. Today, yoga has become so trendy that most people only focus on the physical exercises and nothing more.

If you step into any fitness centre or browse online, you’ll see a variety of yoga classes being offered. From chiyoga, yogilates, yoga dance to trance yoga and yogarobics, a new permutation of yoga is …

MIND & SPIRIT: Stretching for good well-being

Looking for a practice to detoxify your body, improve your posture, increase muscle mass, and calm your mind? Then yoga may be for you.

Today, yoga is practised by millions worldwide. While many associate it with the latest fad at the gym, it’s actually an ancient practice that connects the mind, body and spirit through different body postures, controlled breathing and meditation. Yoga originated from India as a discipline to get a deeper understanding of oneself and subsequently, the universe. The word “yoga” comes from the Sanskrit word yug, which means to join or unite.

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