TAPASYA 2010- An Intensive for Manasa-trained Teachers

Attention all Manasa-trained teachers aka Manasa TTC Graduates!!!

Introducing TAPASYA.

The 3-day Tapasya (intense effort) Intensive is programmed exclusivelyfor Manasa-trained teachers with the intention of revisiting and diving deeper into all the main topics covered in the first level TTC (Teachers Training Course) offered at Manasa since year 2000 till now. Tapasya will also equip you with a solid grasp of philosophy and anatomy which were first introduced at first level TTC.

As such, Tapasya is the pre-requisite for anyone who intends to pursue second level TTC which will be conducted later in the year. It is imperative to attend Tapasya which serves as a bridge between the two levels of TTC.

PROGRAMME: The course will cover 3 meditation sessions, 3 asana sessions, 4-5 lectures, in short, around 10-12 hours of immersion in practice and study EACH DAY.

VENUE: In keeping with the intensity and exclusivity of the course, Tapasya will be conducted at the Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary, a very serious Buddhist monastic training centre located in Taiping.

This is the first time ever that Manoj is conducting a residential intensive for Manasa-trained teachers. It is a rare opportunity for every TTC graduate to be exposed to an intensive learning experience in a conducive and motivating environment. You will be taken to new levels of teaching and feel your mind opening up for even greater absorption. Do not miss it!

Great community, wonderful place and timeless teachings! May the wisdom shine!

START: 6 PM Thursday MAY 27

END: 2 PM Sunday MAY 30

VENUE: Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary, Taiping

FEES:EARLY BIRD (Register and pay by APRIL 25, 2010) – RM 700/-

REGULAR (Register and pay between APRIL 26 to MAY 20, 2010) – RM 750/

CLOSING DATE for Tapasya 2010 registration will be MAY 21, 2010.

(Fees include course fees, lodging and food. Transportation costs are NOT included. Attendees will have to make their own way to Taiping either by carpooling or by pooling together some funds to hire a bus. )

Payment of fees to be made in CASH or CHEQUE written out to WHITE LOTUS SDN. BHD.

Please note that a compulsory and thorough briefing will be conducted a week or so before the start date of TAPASYA 2010.

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