Special 3-Hour Class this Saturday, JUNE 18

Attention all Manasa Yogis (teachers, students and enthusiasts),

This Saturday’s Advance class is about to get interesting!
Manoj will be conducting a Special 3-Hour Class this Saturday from 4PM to 7PM at Studio 2. This special session will be based on the revision of the first four weeks of the current teacher training course and will include short presentations by two of the current teacher trainees, and an expanded practice session led by Manoj, comprising the different practices he had given them as daily practice routines for the first four weeks.

Manasa trained teachers and regular Manasa yogis (including future TTC-interested yogis) will find this session exciting! Recent or old TTC grads will find this a good and challenging revision practice session and regular Manasa yogis will get a taste of what Manasa Yoga’s 200-Hour Teacher Training is like. Win-win for all 🙂

Fee: RM40 Pay per Class or a box on Advance card. Unlimited ALL LEVELS (not Basic, Level 1 or Level 2 Unlimited) admissable as it’s like a regular Advance class but More 🙂

NOTICE: Please be informed that this Saturday’s 4PM Intermediate Level 1 Class will take place in Studio 1! (ONLY for Saturday, June 18)

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