ONLY 930AM April 1 & 8AM April 5 Classes Cancelled while Manoj will be at the Bali Spirit Festival!!!

Dear Manasa yogis,

We are excited to share that Manoj will be presenting Manasa Yoga to practitioners from around the world at the Bali Spirit Festival this week, with 2 workshops and 1 seminar!  A bunch of Manasa teachers and yogis are will also be in Bali with him this week, for fun and for the LOVE of Manasa Yoga!!!
Do note that all classes from March 31 to April 5 (except the 930AM on Wednesday APR 1 and 8AM on Sunday APR 5 which have been cancelled) will be on as scheduled at Manasa Yoga school!

Enjoy practice.

Remember to Atha-ground, Tanu-thin out, so you can Vidya-receive… whevere you are, Bali with us or Manasa home in SS2!!!