New Year’s Greeting from Manoj

2010! Another year of unforgettable experiences and memories of workshops, retreats and intensives, is slowly settling into the past as 2011 begins to unfold in every present moment.

As we enter 2011, let us release our hold of the past and work towards living and being in the moment.

Letting go of clinging and resisting, let us flow with the moments of 2011 in free, clear, continuous awareness, with glowing maitri (friendliness), karuna (compassion), mudita (goodwill) and upekshanam (equanimity).

May the pleasantness (prasada) of sattva (pure, luminous awareness) dawn in all!

Happy New Year 2011!

With the aim of forging ahead into a better year, Manasa Yoga will be reorganizing and tightening up our administration to enhance prasada of students practicing in our studios.

In order to do this effectively, we require you to fill up our revised Registration Form that carries your New Registration/Membership Number together with the Rules of the Manasa Yoga Centre.

So please complete the attached Registration Form and return it to us duly completed and signed within 5 days of receipt.

We appreciate your cooperation, patience and understanding in completing this exercise in the shortest time frame possible.

Thank you,

Manoj Kaimal

Rules of the Manasa Yoga Centre

Observe the following:


– Do arrange your footwear in an orderly manner

– Do keep the bathrooms dry and clean

– Do switch off lights after use

– Do arrange and return studio props neatly and in their place

– Do return all reading materials in the rightful place

– Do maintain the water cooler in good condition


– Place card in basket before attending class

– Observe silence and some quiet please

– Do switch off mobile phones or keep them on silent mode

– No food or drink (except water)

– Do get to class on time

– Do collect your attendance card after class

Attendance cards

– Cards are to be used by named individuals and are not transferable

– Card sharing is not permissible save for the following – a box can be lent to a friend but card holder must attend class

– validity period of cards cannot be extended

– Cards can only be marked by authorised personnel

– All expired cards need to be returned to the studio

– Receipts for payment can be issued upon request

– Cards cannot be utilised for attendance at a level higher than that signed up for

(Advance student card can be used at classes of all levels,

Intermediate 2 student card can also be used at intermediate 1 and basic classes

Intermediate 1 student card can also be used at basis classes)

– Lost cards are not replaceable save for the following – students with unlimited cards can secure a replacement for the balance validity period for RM20.00

Studio policies

Management is entitled to cancel or combine classes for special reasons – do read the notice board and the Manasa website for updates

Payments made for fees, workshops, yatras and courses are neither refundable nor replaceable -only cash and cheques are acceptable

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