New UPEKSHANAM Bags Available at Manasa Yoga

Only RM 20 per bag!!! And what is Upekshanam, you may ask?

Here is what our Guru says :
“UPEKSHANAM is a quality of empowered and equanimous accommodativeness of diverse EXPERIENCES, pleasant or unpleasant.”

“Life in some ways is like a bag. A bag of experiences bound on the sides by Birth and Death. However, unlike a bag, its base can expand infinitely, increasing its capacity to accommodate limitlessly. We tend to clench and shrink our ‘bags’, dis-empowering ourselves in the face of life. Yoga offers us the practice of Upekshanam to unclench and de-shrink the heart of our life. Upekshanam is the practice of saying YES to the currently unfolding experience, and to accommodate it with a spacious, equanimous and empowered heart. Start Opening and Receiving. Upekshanam!” – Manoj Kaimal