NEW CD RELEASE! Manoj’s Talks on Setting Intentions

Introducing a newCD in the Manoj’s Talks Seriesrecentlyreleased at the Jan 30 Orientation Workshop.

The CD consists of 80 minutes of recordings from short daily morning talks given by Manoj Kaimal during the 2010 Manasa Yatra to India, to guide the thought and awareness process of participants towards a clearer, boundless and more insightful state.

Price of this Manoj’s Talks on Setting Intentions CD is RM 30.

Manasa Yogis will soon be able to purchase a download of this and other CDs on the website.


Track 1. Moving with the body – Stabilising awareness on the present moment through body consciousness. (21mins)

Track 2. What is being known? – Framing the right questions which will help loosen bondage. (18 mins)

Track 3. Step by step – Maintaining awareness on one thing at a time. (27 mins)

Track 4. How are you? Relating to what is being experienced, and learning to stretch your meditation. (9 mins)

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