Natarajasan in All Directions – 3Day Manasa Alambana Backbend Intensive AUG 10-12

Announcinga Manasa 3-Day Alambana (Prop-based) Backbend Intensive with Manoj Kaimal on AUGUST 10, 11 & 12. The name of an asana very often stands for the names of mythical characters in Indian epics. To experience the asana completely, it is extremely useful to open our heart to these stories and nourish our intellect with the secret teachings contained in them, along with the strengthening and lengthening of our bodies with creative, empowering sequences. In this Nataraja Backbend themed workshop, let us do just that and open our hearts, hips and more. All are welcome! Suitable variations of advanced postures will be given to those who need them.

DAY 1 Friday 10 Aug 7.30-10.00 pm

Strong vinyasa practice leading you to various backbends, along with Manasa specific alignment process for an enhanced heart open back bend experience.


DAY 2 Saturday 11 Aug 5.00-7.30 pm

The story of Nataraja, and a strong rope and chair-based Alambana (support) sequence.


DAY 3Sunday 12 Aug 6.00-8.30 pm

A peep into Spanda Karikas, the great text of Kashmir Shaivism on the throbbing energy of the universe, and a strong full spectrum class, embodying all the teachings.


For Single Day** (AUG 10, AUG 11 or AUG 12)

EARLY BIRD RM100/- (Payment by AUG 1)

REGULAR RM120/- (Payment by AUG 9)

SAME DAY SIGNUPS RM130/- (Payment made on AUG 10, 11 or 12)

**Single day fees also apply to those signing up for 2 sessions.


For ALL Three Days

EARLY BIRD RM260/- (Payment by AUG 1)

REGULAR RM320/- (Payment by AUG 9)

SAME DAY SIGNUPS RM350/- (Payment made on AUG 10)

*Please note that fees are Non-refundable and non-transferable.

Attendance will only be confirmed upon sign-up with fee payment. Confirmation of attendance via FB event page is only valid if it is supported by payment of workshop fees.

SPACES ARE LIMITED so do sign up ASAP to avoid disappointment!!!

Payment options: Cash or cheque to ‚ÄòWhite Lotus Sdn. Bhd.’ Bank transfer to EON BANK Acct # 006 0100 199 769 (White Lotus Sdn. Bhd.), after which please scan bank transfer slip to


Manoj Kaimal is one of the most prolific yoga teachers currently teaching in Malaysia. Author of ‚ÄòMaking Patanjali Palatable’ and ‚ÄòCelebration of Asanas’, Manoj regularly conducts workshops and teacher training programmes, blending the rich philosophical teachings of yoga with anatomically -oriented creative sequencing. Manoj and his wife, Sandhya, founded Manasa Yoga in 2000, and have been teaching in SS2 Petaling Jaya ever since.

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