More About the 2011 Manasa Year-end Intensive Happening DEC 11

Dear students,

This coming Sunday’s 5-hour Year -end Intensive is going to be an experiential session of the 5 principles of Manasa. You can expect the following in this 5 hour session:

  1. Starting with a detailed sitting through first principle and second principle
  2. Sharing of teaching and theming- 3rd principle
  3. An understanding of cobra and knee-chest-chin alignment techniques
  4. An asana sequence with preparatory movements etc incorporating kalari– (This will take up the bulk of time of the intensive)
  5. And finally, closing with a detailed savasana or yoga nidra

For Manasa teachers this would be extremely useful (especially after learning how to apply the Manasa principles in the Teacher’s workshop on Dec 10), to practically experience the 5 principles so that you understand and get more empowered to pass on the teachings, whereas for other students, it will be a great experience, to understand the context of Manasa conceptually, and at the same time experience it through the practice.

Students from all traditions of practice are welcome!

Looking forward to seeing you all at this Not-To-Be-Missed 5 hour session!


More details on this Intensive can be found on:

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