Merdeka Freedom class 10-1115AM Saturday AUG 31


Yoga is an awareness practice and according to Patanjali, the big picture of yoga is about attaining freedom (Samadhi) from that which keeps us in bondage and suffering. In Malaysia, we celebrate Merdeka Day each year on AUGUST 31 because in 1957, we did just that. We achieved independence and freedom from foreign forces which ruled us and we gained the freedom to rule over ourselves. ❤?
This Merdeka Day, SATUDAY AUG 31, come join our special FREEDOM class with Manoj from 10-1115AM. It’s an ALL LEVELS class because everyone deserves Freedom, and everyone should celebrate Freedom. ✈❤
We are also launching a new MANASA T this Merdeka Day featuring the Manasa Handstand. Just like how there are so many aspects to practice to achieve inner liberation; there is also so many aspects to work towards a Manasa Handstand. The Manasa Handstand T is only RM40 per piece. Those coming with us to Chiang Mai can pick up your complimentary Manasa Handstand Tshirt from Susan.
Please note that Manasa Yoga will be closed for the rest of Saturday, after the Merdeka class. Classes will be on as usual on Sunday SEPT 1. ??