Manoj Talk Series on Sadhana Pada Next 4 dates: 830-930PM on ARPIL 30, MAY 4, MAY 7, MAY 11


⚡⚡Join our ONGOING MANOJ TALKS SERIES with our Guru Manoj Kaimal, who will be giving a commentary of the 2nd chapter of the yoga sutras which is about the process of yoga practice (sadhana) from a Manasa yoga perspective⚡⚡
This will be an ongoing TALK SERIES where we will announce 4 scheduled talks each time during the MCO. The second set of 4 talks will be happening on Thursdays and Mondays from 830-930PM on APRIL 30May 4, 7 & 11. After these 4 dates, we will reschedule future talks on this ongoing series on the Second Chapter of the Yoga Sutras.
☝️In the next four lectures Manoj will guide you through verses which shed light on karma and then importantly 
  1. Duhkha or suffering
  2. What causes suffering
  3. What is the means by which we can end suffering Join us for these insightful talks which put you in touch with these foundational teachings of yoga , as taught by one of the source teachers (Patanjali) interpreted in a modern and practically applicable way by manoj
👉You can sign up for all 4 dates at once or you can sign up by session.
🙏Please email your transfer details to info@manasa-yoga.comstating your NAME as well as the dates you will be signing up for, if not all four dates. We will be emailing the zoom code and password a few hours before the talk begins.
MANOJ TALKS Fees on Ashta-anga:RM50 (USD 16) for all 4 sessions or RM 15 (USD 5) per session
PAYMENT METHOD– Bank transfer MBB 5122 3132 2694 to Ramachandra Kaimal Manoj)– PAYPAL in USD to
👉NOTE: If you cannot make it to these scheduled live lectures, we plan to have the audio recordings of these lectures available for sale from our website at a later date