MANASA YOGA’s Guru Purnima Celebrations @12PM Sunday JULY 15

Dear Manasa Yogis,

Do join us for our FIRST EVER GURU PURNIMA CELEBRATIONS at OUR NEW SPACE on Sunday JULY 15 from 12-1:30PM.

HIGHLIGHT Talk by Manoj :

Tracing the Teaching Evolution of Manasa – 2000 to 2012.

The talk details the 10-year journey of Manasa and how the teachings have crystallized at different milestones. A great opportunity for Manasa teachers and students to know more about what Manasa yoga is all about! And why we love practising at Manasa!

We will also be offering a Namaste gesture of gratitude to the great yoga teachers whose wisdom have lit up Manasa learnings.

And if those are not good enough reasons to show up, come for some good company as well as some small eats. There just might be some ‚Äòentertainment’ as well 🙂 Mark your calendars & show up!

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