Manasa Twist & Churn 2-Day Intensive APR 6 & 7

Energy, pulses. We know that. But it also spirals. Whether it is our DNA’s double helix, or our galaxy, or a speeding bullet, there is a spiraling aspect to energy. Come and be guided by Manoj Kaimal, and experience the immersion into this spiraling energy at the Manasa 2-day ‘Twist & Churn’ Workshop on April 6 & 7.

Day 1: 5-8PM, Saturday APRIL 6
Day 2: 1-4PM, Sunday APRIL 7

Among other things, you will learn and explore are:

  • Anatomically, the bio-mechanics involved in the twisting postures, as well as specific Manasa principles of twist;
  • Insights into the probable causes pain in the outer knee, or the peculiar pain that shoots down from the buttock to the leg;
  • How to use the liver, spleen and the kidneys in ‘twisty’ poses, and to experience the detoxifying benefits of this category of poses;
  • How to use and experience the subtle energy body in the twists.

Workshop FEES*:

DAY 1 or DAY 2:
EARLY BIRD (Register and pay by Sunday MAR 17) – RM 90/-
REGULAR (Register and pay by Friday APR 5) – RM 110/-
SAME DAY (Register and pay on APR 6 or APR 7) – RM 130/-

EARLY BIRD (Register & pay by Sunday MAR 17) – RM 160/-
REGULAR (Register & pay by Friday APR 5) – RM 200/-
SAME DAY (Register and pay on APR 6 or APR 7) – RM 240/-

Payment by cash or bank transfer to White Lotus Sdn. Bhd. via Hong Leong Bank Acct#29100013008. Please scan and email bank-in slip to (*workshop fees are non-refundable & non-transferable)

NOTE: Day 1 is suitable for practitioners of all levels, and Day 2 is recommended for students with more than 6 months of regular practice as we will be exploring inverted twists and arm balances. Advance class on APRIL 6 will be cancelled. For more information, please call 016286 9544 or email