Manasa Core Workshop Coming to Singapore this June

Join us for our first Manasa Yoga workshop in Singapore! At this 3-hour core workshop, Manoj Kaimal, founder and principal teacher of Manasa Yoga will connect you deeply to your core, in more ways than one!

9:30AM-12:30PM MONDAY JUNE 10, 2013

Some of the things that will be featured are as follows:
• Anatomical and philosophical insights on the core, as understood in the Manasa tradition,
• Breath-work and specific abdominal, lower back work which will totally ‘wake up’ the fire energy within,
• Vinyasa sequences which will enable the understanding and using of the concepts of core in a flowing wide range of asanas, specifically focused on rinsing, cleansing, oblique strengthening twists, as well as insights and meditative practices to connect you to the core of yoga, which is Samadhi.

Workshop: S$120/ person
For more information and to register for this workshop, please call Tanja (Manasa Yoga Singapore) +65 9457 7530 or email
Do note that places for this workshop are limited however, there might be a possibility of another session opening up on Sunday evening on JUNE 9th. Please contact Tanja for more details.

Tanja Kondic AKA Manasa Yoga by Tanja (Singapore), a long time student of Manoj Kaimal and a dedicated Manasa Yoga teacher currently residing and teaching Manasa Yoga in Singapore is organizing Manasa’s first workshop in Singapore. She is excited that her students will finally get to meet and learn from her Guru Manoj. Places are limited so please contact Tanja via if you are interested to register for this workshop.