Manasa 3-Day Ashtanga Vinyasa Workshop MAY 18, 19 & 20

Announcing the Manasa 3-Day Ashtanga Vinyasa Workshop 2012by Manoj Kaimal

To commemorate Guruji Patabbhi Jois’ death anniversary, Manoj will be conducting a 3-Day Ashtanga Workshop on May 18, 19 & 20 followed by the Ashtanga Vinyasa Week at Manasa – where every Manasa class will be an Ashtanga Vinyasa class.To ready yourself for the Ashtanga vinyasa week, it is a good idea to attend the 3-Day workshop where Manoj will break up the Ashtanga Vinyasa tradition into palatable and accessible parts – useful for both long-time ashtangis or newbies. Are you ready for your ashtanga vinyasa flight?

DAY 1: 7 to 9:30 PM, Friday MAY 18 (night)

DAY 2: 5 to 7:30 PM, Saturday MAY 19 (evening)

DAY 3: 8 to 10:30AM, Sunday MAY 20 (morning)



DAY 1: The Take Off

7PM to 9:30PM FRIDAY, MAY 18

Manoj will guide you into an indepth exploration of Bandhha, Ujjai, Drishti & Vinyasa and walk you through the tips for standing lift-ups, smooth jumpthrus, and tricky transitions etc. Be ready for an intense start to the 3-Day Workshop!


DAY 2- Smooth Landing

5PM to 7:30PM SATURDAY, MAY 19

In this session, Manoj will get you to immerse into all seated postures up to navasan, incorporating bandha and drshti. Expect to engage ‚Äòadditional’ effort and work in lift-offs and pull-backs!


DAY 3- Beyond the Flight

8AM to 10:30AM SUNDAY, MAY 20

In this final session, Manoj will get you to work on inversions, backbends, drop-backs and tricky transitions like backrolls, etc. And as an added bonus, you will also learn how to stretch ashtanga philosophy to your daily life.



For Single Day** (May 18, May 19 or May 20)

EARLY BIRD RM100/- (Payment by MAY 6)

REGULAR RM120/- (Payment by MAY 17)

SAME DAY SIGNUPS RM130/- (Payment made on MAY 18, 19 or 20)

**Single day fees also apply to those signing up for 2 sessions.


For ALL Three Days

EARLY BIRD RM260/- (Payment by MAY 6)

REGULAR RM320/- (Payment by MAY 17)

SAME DAY SIGNUPS RM350/- (Payment made on MAY 18)


*Please note that fees are Non-refundable and non-transferable.

Attendance will only be confirmed uponsign-up with fee payment. Confirmation of attendance via FB event pageis only valid if it is supported by payment of workshop fees.

SPACES ARE LIMITED so do sign up ASAP to avoid disappointment!!!

Payment options: Cash or cheque to ‚ÄòWhite Lotus Sdn. Bhd.’ Bank transfer to EON BANK Acct # 006 0100 199 769 (White Lotus Sdn. Bhd.), after which please scan bank transfer slip to

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