Manasa 2-Day Core Intensive

Start the New Year with a wake-up call to your CORE!

Joins us for our 2-DAY CORE INTENSIVE workshop that will connect you deeply to your core, in more ways than one!

5-8 PM Saturday JAN 12
1-4 PM Sunday JAN 13

Both days will feature a variety of the following:

· Anatomical and philosophical insights on the core, as understood in the Manasa tradition,

· Breath-work and specific abdominal, lower back work which will totally ‘wake up’ the fire energy within

· Vinyasa sequences which will enable the understanding and using of the concepts of core in a flowing wide range of asanas, specifically focused on rinsing, cleansing, oblique strengthening twists

Insights and meditative practices to connect to the core of yoga, which is Samadhi