Lost Earring at Backbend Workshop

Hey everyone who attended Day 2 of the Backbend Workshop this past Sunday, April 18,

Fellow Manasa yogi Michaela lost one side of her gold earring as she was leaving the studio. In fact, she felt her earring snap out of her ear as it got stuck to the strap of her yoga mat-bag. Some of us helped her search the whole length ofstairway but it was nowhere to be found. We are thinking since she was one of the first to leave the studio, her lost earring might have been kicked and ‘travelled’ away with an unsuspecting yogi. Well, if any of youhappen tochance upon this piece of jewelry asyou were leaving Studio 1 on Sunday, pleasedo drop it off at Reception at Studio 2 the next time you come for class. Micheala will be very happy if her earring is recovered.

Below arepictures of the missing earring.

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