Live-streamed Yoga with Manoj & Sandhya, and Manasa Resident Teachers

Dear all,

Please note that we will continue to live-stream yoga classes to you until further notice. With us, you are spoilt for choice. Join @manasayoga founders Manoj  and Sandhya in our live-streamed classes, twice a day, Monday-Friday 🙂 🌈🌈🌈
☝️Please sign up via where you can choose from:
930am Intermediate classes, or
715pm Basic & All Levels classes, or both!
⭐Go to (link in bio) to book next week’s practice with us. You can book 5-day, 3-day or single day passes easily from the site and the code to the classes will be automatically sent to your email 2 hours before the class you sign up for begins.

ALTERNATIVELY, you could also join Manasa Resident teachers on their live-streamed yoga classes from WED to SUN 👉ONLY RM 20 per class (or USD 5), per device. Please DUITNOW to respective teachers to bring them onto your screens You should probably drop them a text as well ❤

Weekly Manasa Resident Class Lineup:
730-830 AM WEDNESDAYS with Kim @lsk2406
DUITNOW +6012 629 4450
5- 6 PM Thursdays with Penny @missypii
DUITNOW +60 12 381 3900
☝️PLEASE NOTE: next week onwards, from May 14, Penny will teaching Thursdays at 5pm
10-11 AM SATURDAYS with Lily @whitelily38
DUITNOW +60 12 392 7208
4-5 PM SATURDAYS with Jean @lumina16
DUITNOW +60 12 206 5507
5-6PM SUNDAYS with Susan @clarityandharmony
DUITNOW +6012 337 5955
For more details, email