Live Classes with Manasa Resident Teachers starting 1 APRIL 2020

More good news from Manasa!

Not only can you #lockdownyoga live with our guru Manoj Kaimal, starting this Wednesday April 1 (it’s no April Fool’s), you can practice with Manasa Resident teachers over zoom while you #stayathome. Class fees will be RM 20 per class, per device. Please DUITNOW or BT to respective teachers to bring them onto your screens You should probably drop them a text as well 

Class Lineup:
730-830 AM WEDNESDAYS with Kim
DUITNOW +6012 629 4450

730-830 AM FRIDAYS with Penny Pi Missy
DUITNOW +60 12 381 3900

800-900 AM SATURDAYS with Lily
DUITNOW +60 12 392 7208

400-500 PM SATURDAYS with Jean
DUITNOW +60 12 206 5507

500-600 PM SUNDAYS with Susan
DUITNOW +6012 337 5955

For more details, email