7-9.30 PM Friday, AUG 15 
Hanuman’s Split

DAY 1 will take you through Kalari related Manasa movements, strong standing poses, hamstring/ psoas openers and core work to help you experience the splits in different orientations and categories of poses.  Through props and modifications this session will be accessible for all levels, beginner to advanced practitioners.


6-8.30 PM Saturday, AUG 16  
Atha (Ground)

Be prepared to have your hips ‘opened’ through DAY 2’s progressive sequencing of hip openers, twists and forward bends and guide you towards deep arm balances as well. Props and modifications will help all levels of students to study, experience and ground deeper.


6-8.30 PM Sunday, AUG 17

KCC (Open & Expand)

DAY 3 will be an all levels heart opening backbend build progressively so that you can open into the expanse of some wonderful back bending poses. Dwipada viparita dandasana, urdhva dhanurasana, kapotasana, drop backs and the entire repertoire of backbends, with different variations and prop usage will really get your heart soaring


For Single Day**
EARLY BIRD RM100/- (Payment by AUG 3)
REGULAR RM120/- (Payment by AUG14)
SAME DAY SIGNUPS RM130/- (Payment made on AUG 15, 16 or 17)

**Single day fees also apply to those signing up for 2 sessions.


For ALL Three Days
EARLY BIRD RM260/- (Payment by AUG 3)
REGULAR RM320/- (Payment by AUG 14)
SAME DAY SIGNUPS RM350/- (Payment made on AUG 15)
*Please note that fees are Non-refundable and non-transferable.

Attendance will only be confirmed upon sign-up with fee payment.
The following classes will be cancelled for this workshop weekend: Friday AUG 15 645PM, 7PM & 8:15PM classes, Saturday AUG 16 5PM class and Sunday AUG 17 8AM class.

All other classes will be on as scheduled.


PAYMENT METHODS: Payment by cash and credit card accepted. For bank transfer, make payment to White Lotus Sdn. Bhd. via Hong Leong Bank Acct#29100013008. Please scan and email bank-in slip to (*workshop fees are non-refundable & non-transferable)