Discussion on Karma Yoga Continues this Saturday JULY 2 at the 5:10PM Class

‘How to make our practice and the activities of our life an offering, a joyous dedication’?

This Saturday, we will chant and discuss the following verses, which sheds light towards this end. It will be useful if you could print out the following, and bring along for the class. The asana session of the class will be on theme of the three nadis of ida, pingala and sushumna. Come, practice, connect and dedicate. Expect the class to be a bit longer than usual.

brahmarpanam brahma havir

brahmagnau brahmana hutam

brahmaiva tena gantavyam


Word by word meaning:

brahman–universal consciousness; arpanam–dedication; brahman–universal consciosness; havih–butter; brahman–universal consciosness; agnau–in the fire of consummation; brahmana–by the universal consciosness; hutam–offered; brahman–universal consciosness; eva–certainly; tena–by him; gantavyam–to be reached; brahma–universal consciosness; karma–activities; samadhina–by complete absorption.

srotradinindriyany anye

samyamagnisu juhvati

sabdadin visayan anya

indriyagnisu juhvati

Wordby word meaning:

srotra-adini–hearing etc; indriyani–senses; anye–others; samyama–of restraint; agnisu–in the fire; juhvati–offers; sabda-adin–sound vibration, etc.; visayan–objects of sense gratification; anye–others; indriya–of sense organs; agnisu–in the fire; juhvati–sacrifice.


prana-karmani capare


juhvati jnana-dipite

Word by word meaning:

sarvani–all; indriya–senses; karmani–functions; prana-karmani–functions of the life breath; ca–also; apare–others; atma-samyama–controlling the mind; agnau–in the fire of; juhvati–offers; jnana-dipite–the flame of knowledge.


apane juhvati pranam

prane ‘panam tathapare

pranapana-gati ruddhva


apare niyataharah

pranan pranesu juhvati


apane–exhalation; juhvati–offers; pranam–inhalation; pranetatha–as also; apare–others;gati–movement; ruddhva–checking; pranayama–specific breathing efforts; parayanah–so inclined; apare–others; niyata–controlled; aharah–eating;juhvati–sacrifices.


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