Come Listen to a Free Talk by Manoj on the Eternal Love of Radhe & Krishna – 10AM SUNDAY June 12

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Come and listen as Manoj takes us through some enchanting stories of the eternal love of Krishna and Radha. Manoj will be sharing Manasa interpretations of these stories from a yoga perspective and how we can apply it to our practice and life.
At this session, we will also be announcing a newly formed non-profit organization called Persatuan Abhaya Malaysia. Sandhya and a team of volunteers set up Abhaya with the intention of raising awareness on the issue of sexual abuse towards women and children, and empowering the victims through creative arts and yoga’s empowering teachings. Abhaya is premiering its first dance production ‘Radhe Radhe’ by Sandhya on July 10th. Through this talk Manoj will also lay a ground work on what she will be embodying through her dance. Sandhya will be wrapping up the hour-long talk by sharing a few words on the dance as well as on Abhaya.