April’s Wishlist for Taman Megah Orphanage

Hi everyone,

In case it slipped your mind, Manasa Yoga is still committed to helping the Taman Megah Orphanage by periodically supplying them with some necessities needed for them to take care of its residents of abandoned and disabled children. (FYI- The Taman Megah Orphanage cares for over a hundred abandoned and disabled children in 4 houses)

Anyways, fellow Manasa yogis Lay Peng and Leng Hee just found out whatthe Taman MegahOrphanage will need the in coming months. If you too would like to help the orphanage, do look through the list below for details of the wishlist to decide what you would like to contribute. To contribute any of the following items, just bring them by to Studio 2 before Saturday March 27th. You could also choose to contribute to the ongoing fund that will be used to purchase the balance of the items that are not collected.

1. Nestum – Rice – 7 tins

2. Condensed Milk – 10 cans

3. Sugar

4. Dishwashing powder/ detergent

5. Washing soap powder

6. Dettol Liquid

7. Clorox

8. Ridsect

9. Dishwash sponge

10. Lotion

FYI- Rouxin, one of our Manasa Teachers regularly bakes cookies and cakes for sale at the studioto help raise funds for the Taman Megah Orphanage. Do look out for the goodie basket the next time you come to class, and succumb to your desires for a good cause!

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