Announcing July Intake for Manasa Yoga 500-Hour Level 2 TTC

TTC, The Next Level

Announcing intake for Manasa Yoga 500-hour Level 2 TTC

In our first level TTC, we immersed into the core knowledge of anatomy, sutras, shaivism and Vedanta. In the 500-hour programme, it is all about converting that knowledge into excellent teaching skills.

The modules will, among other things, cover in detail:

Teaching methodology:

  • Manasa Yoga Vinyasa and its roots in Tantric principles
  • Learning to teach 6 Manasa YogaVinyasa sequences
  • Yoga and Ayurveda; how to apply Ayurvedic principles to your understanding and teaching
  • How to weave a sutra or philosophical theme into your asana sequences
  • Sequencing instructions based on the five movements of prana
  • Looking into the physio-psycho-spiritual realms of chakras; how to apply to teaching


Supervision and correction:

  • Transcripts covering philosophy, pranayama, asanas
  • Teaching basic and intermediate classes under the direct supervision of Manoj/Sandhya
  • Short presentations on various topics of anatomy and philosophy


Injury Prevention Management and Rehabilitation:

  • Lower back pain issues, along with adapting sequences for scoliosis, sciatica, etc
  • Cervical and shoulder-related issues
  • Arthritis and other skeleto-muscular issues
  • Depression, anxiety, stress
  • Yoga for pregnancy


Personal Practice:

Ÿ How to apply the fundamental principles of sutras to daily life

Ÿ Applying anatomy to daily life


And much more!


Pre-Requisites for Manasa Yoga 500-Hour Level 2 TTC

  • Manasa Yoga TTC Graduates from 2008 and onwards
  • Manasa Yoga TTC Graduates from years prior to 2008 who have attended at least one Tapasya Course (Manasa Yoga Intensive Teacher Training Retreat) or a TTC Revision after year 2008


Format of Course:

– The Course builds around 16 weekend sessions with Manoj

– Daily personal practice programme to be handed out weekly

– The Course will commence in July, every Sunday* from 11AM to 3:30PM (with a half hour break for lunch). The sessions will involve lectures, practice, demonstrations etc.

(*Towards the later stages, classes might be held on both Saturdays and Sundays, so that the Course can be completed in around three-and-a-half months. Further details will be announced later.)

– Attendance at Manasa Yoga workshops conducted during the duration of the TTC is compulsory.

– TTC students are expected to observe a strict yogic lifestyle designed to improve their willpower, self-understanding and inner purity throughout the duration of this course.


Commencement date : Tentatively JULY (To be confirmed)

COURSE FEE : RM 8,500/-

REGISTRATION FEE : RM 500/- (To be paid upon registration before JUNE 1)

Course fee is required to be:



-Paid in two equal instalments of RM4,000/- each :

~ lst instalment BEFORE the Course commences

~ 2nd instalment BEFORE the 9th weekend.

Course fees will cover:

– All lectures, teaching materials, supervision of classes, transcripts, exam procedures for both theory and practical exams.

– 60 Intermediate Level 2 classes and 20 Advanced classes**

– A Manasa Yoga 500-Hour Level 2 Teacher Training Certificate deeming its holder eligible to register with Yoga Alliance individually as a 500-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher

(**After the completion of 60 Level 2 classes and 20 Advance classes, fees are payable for attending classes. Unused complimentary classes will expire 4 months from the TTC commencement date. Fees for Manasa Yoga workshops conducted during the duration of the TTC are not included in the course fees.)