8PM this Sunday SEPT 13: The first 90-min Monthly Mini-Workshop on Handstand with Manoj

Join us this Sunday evening for the first 90-min Monthly Mini-Workshop on Handstand with Manoj. You will need a wall and a device to join this livestream workshop. Don’t miss out  🙂 Read on for more details…

Starting September 2020, we will be offering a 90-minute monthly Live-streamed Mini-Workshops on Handstand with Manoj on every 2nd Sunday of each month. At these 90-minute mini workshops, the focus will be on key elements of hand balancing, which will lengthen, strengthen and educate you, whether you want to do a handstand or not. Some of the topics Manoj will be covering at these sessions are :

  • Specific wrist/ shoulder/ hip mobility
  • Specific drills to improve functional core strength
  • Balancing drills
  • Focussed practice on different entries to handstand
  • Combination work in handstand such tuck-diamond-straddle-straight
  • Develop press to handstand, and much more

Come and join us , and find all aspects of your body and mind start to respond in an empowering way.

The first session will be at 8-930PM (KL time) SEPTEMBER 13th, and the fee is RM50 per device.

PAYMENT METHOD – Bank transfer MBB 5122 3132 2694 to Ramachandra Kaimal Manoj) or PAYPAL to drunkenmonk08@gmail.com
Please email transfer details to info@manasa-yoga.com

For further clarification, please email info@manasa-yoga.com