3-Day Manasa Farewell Intensive to Studio 2 OCT 14-16


Say your Goodbyes to Studio 2 at the

3-Day Manasa Yoga Intensive (October 14 -16, 2011)

Join us in a 3-Day ‘ Studio 2 Farewell Intensive’ on October 14th, 15th and 16th.

Manoj will be theming this intensive around ‘Nava ratri’, a nine day spiritual observance in the Indian tradition, where the three forces of Durga (strength), Lekshmi (prosperity, wellness) and Saraswathy (wisdom) are honoured.

Symbolically, we will ‚Äòthank’ Studio 2 for offering us the time and space to develop these three qualities over the last 6 years.

Come for one, two or all three days as this will be the very last Manasa workshop in Studio 2.

Day 1: Ride the Lion
On this day, let us salute the heat of strength, Durga, who symbolically rides on a Lion. Expect a strong arm balance based sequence to lionize our limbs through a strong sequence of arm balances. Prepare to Roar!!!
Day 2: The Seat of Lotus
Let us open our hips through a hip opening and lotus based sequence for the rising of Lakshmi, who mythically rose from the depths of ocean in a lotus when the forces of good and evil were churning the ocean in search ofambrosia. Your hips won’t lie again 🙂
Day 3:Playingthe Veena
10:30AM to 12:30PM SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16
On this last day in Studio 2, wehonor Saraswathi, who is depictedas playing the veena, an Indianstring music instrument which is emanating the notes of wisdom, by doing ashort sequence of restorative asanas,pranayama, followed by a sessiontitle ‘Patanjali revisited’, whereManoj will guide us through important points of Patanjali’s first chapter, Samadhi pada, based on his book, ‘Making
Patanjali Palatable’.Do stay back to mingle with fellow Manasa yogis for thelast ever Manasa lunch at Studio 2. Sniff sniff‚Ķ


Over the past 6 years, Studio 2 has been a vital space where teachings were imparted, bonds were made and sometimes tears were shed; its walls were ever the silent listener of jokes being shared, the observer of falls being made and the constant support for many an asana being performed. Do let us all get together for this last intensive in Studio 2 as a final show of gratitude to this special ‘space’.


For Single Day** (Oct 14, Oct 15 or Oct 16)
EARLY BIRD (Register and pay by Sunday, Oct 2, 2011 – RM 100)
REGULAR (Register and pay by Thursday, Oct 13, 2011 – RM 120)
SAME DAY SIGNUPS (Register and pay on Oct 14, Oct 15 or Oct 16 – RM 140)
**Single day fees also apply to those signing up for 2 sessions.

For ALL Three Days
EARLY BIRD (Register and pay by Sunday, Oct 2, 2011- RM 240)
REGULAR (Register and pay by Thursday, Oct 13, 2011 – 300)
SAME DAY SIGNUPS (Register and pay on Oct 14 – RM360)
*Please note that fees are Non-refundable and non-transferable.

Sign up for ALL 3 Days of the Manasa Studio 2 Farewell Intensive happening Oct 14, 15 &16, and you will receive a complimentary
Wisdom Tool of your choice. You can pick from any of following options*:

1. Making Patanjali Palatable, by Manoj Kaimal(Value RM 50)
2. Celebration of Asanas by ManojKaimal(Value RM 40)
3. Any of the Manoj Talks CD set (Price range from RM 20 to RM50- *while
stock lasts)

The following classes will be cancelled:
Friday Oct 14 – 6.45PM, 7.10PM and 8.10PM classes;
Saturday Oct 15 – 5.10PM Advance class;
Sunday Oct 16 – All classes cancelled.

Studio 2 will be closed after the 3-Day Intensive.

All classes will be at Studio 1 until we move to our new space early 2012.

Please refer to new schedules and fees effective October 1st.

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