2 NEW CD Sets on Manoj’s Talks

Hi everyone,
Good news! We are in the midst of releasing 2 CD sets containing talks by Manoj recorded during our last Manasa Yatra to Lake Kenyir in 2009.
Each CD set contains 3 CDs, and Each set is priced at RM50.

About the Sadhana Pada CD Set:
CD1 contains Manoj’s talkon Tapas & Svadyaya; CD2is on impermanence (anitya), suffering (dukha), ignorance, samsara, etc; and CD3is on the sence of ‘I’, prakrti & purusha, etc.
About the Satsang CD Set:
CD1is on Obstructions to deep meditation; CD2is on Maitri, Mudita, Karuna & Upekshana; and CD3contains one session oflead morning sun salutes, and one sessionof lead morning meditation.
If you are interested in either or both of the CD sets, you may place your order with Manasa admin-person Doris.
You may find that these CDs will be especially handy the next time you find yourself stuck in traffic. All you’ll have to do is pop in one of these CDs to be reminded of the path to inner peace:)

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