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Being in the knowing a sitting practice, oct 23rd, 2012

Based on a talk given by Manoj on the nature of spanda as that of pure perceptivity (upalabdhrtah), this sitting practice guides one to abide in ones capacity of being in the continuous knowing of the different emergences in the consciousness, opening up the possibility of recognition of the wide luminous expanse of this field of perception (chaitanya …

Yatra Rishikesh 2012

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Yoga as a receiving

A talk given in Rishikesh, India, during the 2012 Manasa yatra (retreat). Yoga is something which rises in us as samadhi, as wisdom, due to cultivation of deep concentration and broad …

[Teaser] Spanda Karikas Lecture Series – Week 4 – 9/10/12

‘The non-concealed universal consciousness’

This week we plunge into the second verse, which in fact is a deep immersion into ‘the things right here’, and connect to the possibility of immensely and radiantly expanding your experience of life. In a technical sense, the two types of Samadhi advocated in the Spanda tradition will be covered, as well as an interesting take on the concept of nirodhah.

The Spanda Karikas lecture series happens every Tuesday from 11am – 12pm at Manasa Yoga SS2. …

[Teaser] Spanda Karikas Lecture Series Week 3 – 02/10/12

For a taste of some of the things covered in Week 3, please watch the following 5-minute teaser.

In this lecture, Manoj takes you into the first verse of Spanda Karikas, immersing you into the vast blissful non dual expanse of consciousness, its power of reflective freedom, the pulsation of spanda, the 12 dancing kalis and more.

FYI- The full audio download of this lecture is now available for purchase at …