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Developing awareness

A talk given on the auspicious grounds of Adi Shankara Illam in Cochin, Kerala, India during 2010 Manasa Yoga Yatra …

Always wanted to take up yoga but hampered by age, weight or a disability? Then consider chair yoga.

Over the years, the art of yoga, first practised by spiritual gurus, has evolved from its original intention of integrating body, mind and soul into something less profound. Today, yoga has become so trendy that most people only focus on the physical exercises and nothing more.

If you step into any fitness centre or browse online, you’ll see a variety of yoga classes being offered. From chiyoga, yogilates, yoga dance to trance yoga and yogarobics, a new permutation of yoga is …

What is the Sri Chakra?

Manoj goes into detail on the Sri Chakra and its relevance.