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A Matter of Owing


Being with the kids without Sandhya is challenging. Not always, but definitely sometimes!

But when looking into ‚Äòwhy feeling challenged?’, it is easy to see that it is because of my clinging to some desires. Such as my clinging to desire for typing down some train of thoughts, some inspirations, desire to have some silent time etc, while the kids cling to their desire that I should play with them, watch tv, go to One utama, and other things. Normally, I …

How can we practice Ahimsa without falling victim to opportunists?

How can we practise Ahimsa without falling victim to opportunists?

On Truth & Pleasantness

Namaste all,

just some reflections..

Scenario 1- identity- teacher; association- students

Last week’s TTC class, among other things,the yamas(moral don’ts in yoga) were focussed.
In it, spoke at length about ahimsa (non violence) and satya (truth). Ahimsa is given the utmost importance in yoga, which is non violence in thought, word and deed.
Now, total non violence in ‚Äòthought’ might be a bit difficult. So let us look at ‚Äòword’ and ‚Äòdeed’.

Most of us might have enough restraint …